Biosolids for Land Application

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New Solids Handling Complex Coming Soon!

In 2020, the City of Shelby Solids Handling Complex will start producing a biosolids product that is a soil nutrient for farm land. The City will be looking for 1,000 to 1,200 total acres to be permitted to apply this biosolids product.







Farmland Needed!

Pastures and Hay Fields



  • Annual soil analysiscows
  • If soil analysis shows a pH less than 6, lime will be added to the land.
  • State and EPA regulated product for farmland.
  • Dewatered class B cake product
  • No Cost to the Farmer
  • Improves crop production
  • Rich in Nitrogen and Phosphorus
  • Reduces soil erosion and protects water quality
  • Rich source of nutrients in organic forms
  • This allows the nutrients to be more available to plant in a slow release form
Basic Information about Biosolids
  • The term sewage sludge is used in EPA regulations that establish a protective regulatory framework to manage the use and disposal of sewage sludge.
  • The terms biosolids and sewage sludge are often used interchangeably.
  • When properly treated and processed, sewage sludge becomes biosolids which are nutrient-rich organic materials produced from wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Biosolids can be recycled and applied as fertilizer to improve and maintain productive soils and stimulate plant growth.
  • Effective sewage sludge and biosolids management options help ensure that useful materials are recycled on land and harmful materials are not released to water bodies



If you are an interested in participating or would like more information, contact:

Sibyl Brotherton, Plant Supervisor/ORC

Phone: 980-552-7316


First Broad River Wastewater Treatment Facility

1940 S Lafayette Street, Shelby, NC 28152

(PO Box 207, Shelby, NC 28151-0207)

Phone: 704-484-6850 * Fax: 704-484-6872