Benefits of Natural Gas

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"Gas...The Natural Choice"


For your home or business, natural gas is the natural choice.  Nothing heats quicker or more comfortably than natural gas. Natural gas is very reliable.  Many natural gas appliances work even when the power is out. 

Talk to your contractor about adding or changing your existing appliances to natural gas appliances.  The City of Shelby offers rebates for natural gas appliances. For rebate information, click here


Is your current heating system giving you the chills?

Enjoy whole-home comfort with a high-efficiency natural gas furnace. A natural gas furnace offers exceptionally even heat – giving you a comfortable 110 to 120 degrees at the register. It also costs less than most other heating systems.



  garden tub and shower


Tired of running out of hot water?

Gas water heaters heat water faster and keep it hot longer than electric water heaters. Gas water heaters also operate at approximately half the cost of electric water heaters, resulting in additional savings.





Just as most professional chefs insist on cooking with natural gas, “everyday” cooks recognize that natural gas offers even heat, excellent temperature control, and instant on/off settings for cooking and baking. In addition, if the power goes out, you can still use your surface burners for hot, home cooked food.


 Gas dryer



High-efficiency natural gas dryers dry your clothes quickly and for less money than electric models.  In addition, when a gas dryer turns off, the heat dissipates quickly, reducing the amount of wrinkling. That’s an important feature if you can’t fold the clothes right away.



      For more information about gas line installations or gas main extensions for new development properties or communities, contact Cale Wright, Utility Services Specialist at 704.669.2520 or complete a brief questionnaire here.


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