Energy Services FAQs

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  • Electric

    • During a major outage, how do you decide whose power to restore first?

    • How and when did the City of Shelby become a member of ElectriCities?

    • How do customers determine who will be their electric provider?

    • How does the City of Shelby benefit from ElectriCities?

    • How is ElectriCities funded?

    • What does the City of Shelby contribute to ElectriCities?

    • What is ElectriCities of North Carolina?

    • What is Public Power?

    • What is the City of Shelby's legal arrangement with ElectriCities?

    • Who do I call to report a line down?

    • Why be a Public Power community?

    • Why can't you tell me how long it will take to restore my power?

    • Why does my neighbor have power and I do not?

    • Why was ElectriCities formed?