ElectriCities of North Carolina

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ElectriCities of North Carolina

Shelby is a member of ElectriCities of North Carolina. ElectriCities is a non-profit government service organization representing cities, towns and universities that own electric distribution systems. Today, ElectriCities represents 98 members in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

 This association helps Shelby to provide large utility company service while its customers enjoy the local personal service of a small town utility. ElectriCities provides customer service and safety training, emergency and technical assistance, communications, government affairs and legal services. Through consolidation of these services, Shelby saves their customers the expense of administering these functions locally. 


Electric Service Needs

Shelby along with ElectriCities will assist your company or business by providing competitive rate options and programs that assure that you get the lowest cost for electric service. ElectriCities have a team of experienced energy service personnel that will evaluate your operations and electric service needs and provide you with an estimate of your electric service costs for customers in Shelby. Our free assistance includes the following:

  • Electric service cost estimates based on estimated kilowatts and kilowatt hours
  • Electric service facilities including transformers sized to serve estimated peak kilowatt load
  • Energy efficiency studies and recommendations
  • Lighting evaluations with energy efficiency recommendations
  • Peak load management recommendations
  • Power quality evaluations and recommendations
  • Power audits to determine load management options and feasibility
  • Electrotechnology information and benefits
  • Evaluation of HVAC specifications for optimum sizing and operation of mechanical equipment

Visit our FAQs to learn more about Shelby's membership in ElectriCities. To read the latest ElectriCities Hometown Connection, click here