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  • Can I get a "Children Playing" sign installed on my street?

  • Emergency Street Contact:

  • How can I find out when my trash pick up day is?

  • How do I know the speed limits? Several streets have no signs.

  • How do I report a burned out or mal-functioning traffic signal?

  • How do I report a missing or damaged sign?

  • How do I report a missing or damaged street sign?

  • How do I report abandoned vehicles?

  • How do I report nuisances like abandoned vehicles, overgrown lots and dilapidated housing, or pest problems with rodents and snakes?

  • How do I report potholes, storm drains, tree/bushing need trimming, sidewalk repair, or right-of-way inquires?

  • I am ready for a new driveway. How do I get a permit?

  • I have a dead animal in front of my house on the street. Can you remove it?

  • I saw water flowing out of a manhole/toilet/drain. Who do I call?

  • I've noticed deep water buildup on the roads after a heavy rain. Who do I call?

  • Who do I call about bushes blocking the visibility at an intersection?

  • Who do I call about new or re-surfacing road schedules?

  • Why is traffic signs replaced when they look OK?