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Garbage Collection

The City ofSanitation One Arm Truck Shelby provides weekly collection of household garbage from all customers inside the city limits.  Household garbage is collected on the same day of each week.  The city is divided into four collection zones; serviced Monday-Thursday with some business’s uptown on Friday, provided there is no holiday. If you are unsure when your collection day is, please refer to the map on our main page or call 704-484-6846 with your street address to inquire. This service is provided curbside by means of rollout containers, while multi-family locations (apartment complexes, condominiums, mobile home parks, etc.) are serviced by dumpsters.  The following sections apply to single-family households.  Multi-family units are addressed under the section entitled "Dumpster Service." 

One 96 gallon brown roll-out container is provided to each dwelling at no charge.  Containers are serviced once per week at the curb.  If you do not know your collection day, please call 704-484-6846 to inquire.  Listed below are procedures that must be followed to insure service is provided:

  • Position your container with the handle side to the house.  Please do not place containers in the street.
  • Place behind the curb and 3' from mailboxes, poles, trees and other obstructions.
  • Container should not be located within 15 feet of any parked vehicle.
  • Container must be placed at the curb before 7:00 a.m. on collection day (and may be set out the night before).
  • Please remove container from curbside by 10:00 p.m. the day of collection.

Please help us keep our city clean, due to the limited number of employees and time schedule, our Sanitation crew is only able to empty the city container, the workers will not be able to pick any extra boxes and bags placed beside the city contianers that will not fit in an already full can.  Any extra materials placed on the curbside is subject to a citation. 

If you regularly generate more than your container can hold, you have several options available:

  • Purchase an additional roll-out container for trash ($70).  Please call 704-484-6846 for more information.
  • Reduce your garbage volume by recycling all eligible materials (see list in the "Recycling" section).

Container Maintenance Sanitation Cart
Proper maintenance of your 96 gallon rollout container is important. Containers are designed to last 10 years with proper use and care. The following maintenance procedures are encouraged:

  • Bag all garbage before placing it into the container.
  • Wash and rinse container on a regular basis.
  • Keep container lid closed to prevent water accumulation, the growth of bacteria, odor and pests. 
  • If your container is damaged please call 704-484-6846 for repair or replacement.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of a hurricane or high winds, secure container(s) to a fixed object or place inside a secured building.

Replacing a Damaged or Stolen Container

If the damage is your fault, you will be required to pay for its replacement.  For example, any container that is destroyed by hot ashes or coal shall be at your expense.

If the container is stolen from your residence, you will be required to file a police report of the stolen container as soon as you discover it is missing and if you and/or the Solid Waste Department are unable to locate the stolen or missing container a replacement must be purchased by the resident or property owner.  The cost of a can is $70.00.

If the City damages your container during collection, your container will be replaced at no cost to you.  Each case will be investigated.

If the occupant moves, the container is issued to the address with a special ID and should be left for the next occupants use. The container should stay at the house in which it is issued to.

Dumpster Service
Dumpster service is provided at apartment complexes and other multi-family dwellings.  This service is provided by a private hauler under contract with the City of Shelby.  Please contact GDS at 704-482-7916 or Waste Management at 704-823-2018.

Customers with Physical Impairments
Backyard service is provided to qualified disabled and elderly customers when there is no assistance or anyone in the home physically able to place containers on the curbside.  Please call 704-484-6846 to file an application for backyard service.  Please continue to place materials at the curb until you receive notification of your approval for this service.