Vice/Narcotics Unit

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The Vice/Narcotics Unit is made up of seven officers including a Lieutenant, Sergeant, and five detectives. Four of the detectives are tasked with targeting the drug trade within the city of Shelby and one detective serves as the Alcohol Beverage Control officer. This officer is responsible for all alcohol related crimes and issuing and maintaining permits to businesses inside the city who sell alcoholic beverages. The ABC Officer also has the additional responsibility of overseeing the taxi companies and rotation wrecker businesses to assure they are following the standards set forth by the city of Shelby.     

The mission of the Vice/Narcotics Unit is to investigate, disrupt, and dismantle all facets of the drug trade within the City of Shelby. We conduct this mission by leading complex investigations necessary to identify not only the street level drug dealers, but also the drug dealers supplying our neighborhoods with illegal drugs. Detectives use a number of tactics to combat our illegal drug trade including: undercover operations, covert surveillance, intelligence gathering, search warrants, and proper utilization of cooperating informants just to name a few. The most common drugs encountered by investigators are: cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and various types of prescription medication. The goal is to reduce all crime, ranging from violent crime to property crime, by effectively investigating and prosecuting all illegal drug dealers.     



Vice/Narcotics Lieutenant

Lieutenant Chris Howington

Office (704) 484-7158

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Vice/Narcotics Sergeant

Sergeant Randy Conner

Office (704) 484-7155

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