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Melvin with Community 

 Officer Melvin with Community



The Shelby Police Department’s Crime Prevention position is a subdivision of the Community Oriented Policing Unit. It is our belief that in order to reduce crime and the fear of crime, we must maintain a close relationship with our community. Our Crime Prevention Officer is a liaison between our department and the community as a whole. Cop Camp, Citizens Police Academy, Project Safe Neighborhoods, Community Watch, Business Watch, and Faith Based Initiatives are just a few of the ongoing programs organized under the Crime Prevention umbrella. All of the programs are designed with the belief that providing resources and information to our citizens on a regular basis will naturally have the effect of Prevention and Reduction.

 Crime Prevention is also concerned with education and community outreach. We provide presentations for churches, schools, businesses, and many other groups who benefit from a closer relationship with law enforcement. Crime is prevented and reduced by keeping our citizens up to date with the latest Crime Prevention and safety techniques. Providing a more in depth and individual service, security assessments are also handled through the Community Oriented Policing Unit. These assessments are typically handled by the Crime Prevention Officer, and provide individuals and businesses with ways to better protect themselves and their property. Any citizen or business can request a security survey simply by contacting our department.

One of the most important aspects of the Crime Prevention and Community Oriented Policing Unit is personal contact with the community. The Crime Prevention Officer may also be found walking and talking to people in the neighborhood, working with children, or providing information through our local media outlets. It is our belief that putting a name, face, and personality with our uniform, is the best outreach for our department. Our relationship with the community is paramount to what the Community Oriented Policing Unit sets out each day to accomplish, and the Crime Prevention Officer is often the face and voice of this outreach.


Crime Prevention at Career Day

 Crime Prevention Officer Matt Melvin speaking to Career Day participants


 Some of the services offered by our Crime Prevention officer are security surveys and business surveys.  All of the services provided by our COP staff are free of charge to the public. Click Links below for more information


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Crime Prevention Officer

Officer Matt Melvin

Office (704) 669-6647