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Community Policing Officers with Children  


The Community Policing Division is made up of officers who work in the community to build relationships with the citizens we serve.  This unit is made up of our Crime Prevention Officer, our GREAT Officer, School Resource Officers, and our Problem Solving Unit.  Each group has a very unique job assignment that allows them to work with different citizens to build lasting relationships.  

We currently have six school resource officers assigned to various schools throughout the city. These officers work daily in their assigned schools to ensure the safety of the students and staff.  They also work closely with the school administration and our County School board to help solve problems that may arise before they become major issues. Through their duties they are given an opportunity to interact with the youth of our community and become mentors to them.  

Our GREAT officer teaches this unique program to every fifth grade student in our city.  This program teaches the kids to stay away from gangs, drugs, and alcohol, but it also teaches them much more. This program also teaches these children life lessons that they can use throughout their life. Our Great Officer is also the advisor for our Law Enforcement Explorer Post.  This post is cosponsored by the Boy Scouts of America and is a program designed for children between the ages of fourteen to twenty.  This program allows the kids to learn different aspects of Law Enforcement and to explore this exciting career field.  


For information regarding the G.R.E.A.T program click link

G.R.E.A.T Program

The problem solving officers have multiple job assignments. Their most frequent assignment is problem solving. These officers are tasked with solving different issues in the community. They are often called upon to assist in problems that are not issues commonly associated with Law Enforcement such as quality of life issues. These officers work with the community and both city and outside resources to help alleviate these issues. The problem solving unit is also tasked with making various presentations to groups in our community. They have presentations on various topics to present or they will build one to suit your needs. These officers are also tasked with Bicycle Patrol Duties. Officers utilize these specialized bicycles to patrol neighborhoods and areas not accessible by patrol vehicles. This group also leads several different programs and Special Events for our department. They are tasked with leading our Citizen's Police Academy(adults), COP Camp (children), Neighborhood Notification, Violent Offender Call-In Process, and National Night Out just to name a few.


All of these assignments allow for daily interaction with the community and help these officers to make lasting relationships with the citizens we serve.  


                                                                          COP CAMP IS COMING

Join the Shelby Police Department for COP Camp Beginning in July see our flier by clicking the link below

COP Flyer 2015




Chris Flowers
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Shannon Porter
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Jeff Willard              
Crime Prevention Officer          
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