Operations Division

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The Operations Division is the backbone of the Shelby Police Department.  This division is primarily responsible for the initial response to citizen's calls for police service.  These calls include, but are not limited to; responding to reported crimes, traffic collision investigations, preliminary criminal investigations (including some follow-up investigations), service of criminal processes (subpoenas, warrants, mental health commitment papers), and prisoner transportation.  The Community Policing Unit, K9 Unit, and Traffic Unit also fall under this division.

The Operations Division provides continuous 24-hour patrol coverage within the City of Shelby.  The patrol function of this unit is comprised of four squads that work 12-hour non-rotating shifts.  Each squad is supervised by a Lieutenant and two Sergeants.  The Operations Division is under the command of Captain Steve Canipe.  

Quality service to the community under the philosophy of community-oriented policing is the goal of the Operations Division.  The formation of police/citizen partnerships is seen as an essential element in our being able to accomplish the mission of the Shelby Police Department.  



Captain Steve Canipe

Telephone: (704) 484-7167 Email: Click Here

Watch Commander A/D Shift Rotations


Watch Commander B/C Shift Rotations

Lieutenant John Hamrick     Email: Click Here


Lieutenant Todd Vickery       Email: Click Here

Shift Sergeants


Shift Sergeants

Squad A


Squad B

Sgt. Gabe McKinney   

Sgt. Danny Halloran        

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Sgt. Rich Ivey    

Sgt. Michael Myers   

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Squad D


Squad C

Sgt. Seth Treadway     

Sgt. Brandon Spangler   

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Sgt. Scott Ledford    

Sgt. Matt Melvin    

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