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Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization that helps law enforcement obtain needed information for the investigation of crime. Crime Stoppers is an independent board that works with law enforcement in gathering information and giving rewards for the information provided. The system for gathering this information keeps the caller completely anonymous and unknown to both the board and law enforcement. Our local board Is Cleveland County Crime Stoppers and they are members of the state board and the southeast regional board. Cleveland County Crime Stoppers provides information to all Cleveland County law enforcement agencies. Calls are taken at the Shelby Police Department and distributed to the appropriate agency that is investigating the particular crime. The Criminal Investigation Lieutenant at the Shelby Police Department is responsible for gathering and distributing the information to the appropriate agencies and to provide information to the local board as the law enforcement coordinator for the board.   The board meets monthly to discuss business and make recommendations or a approve tips for the previous month. Crime Stoppers plays an important in gathering needed information to further cases. We are fortunate to have a local board that is willing to make an effort in reducing crime in our area.  




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Lt. Wray Hamrick, Shelby Police Department

Office- (704) 484-7151

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