Washburn Switch Interchange Small Area Plan

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Interchange study area is an approximately 2,318 acre (3.62 square miles) area on the west end of the City of Shelby.
The study area extends from Washburn Switch Road and Farmville Road to the north, the railroad and Brushy Creek to
the east, the existing US 74 to the south, and Plato Lee Road on the west.

The study area currently serves as a hub for industrial uses. There are several established industrial sites within and right outside of the study area. The Foothills Commerce Center, located within the study area, is an industrial center with the potential to accommodate up to ten sites. In addition, Cleveland County has proposed an industrial park for the northern portion of the study area.

Uncertainty related to the completion of the new US 74 Bypass and accompanying development is a concern to residents of the study area and surrounding areas. Growth is likely to occur around the interchanges of the new Bypass, but the existing plans for the City of Shelby and Cleveland County do not specifically address plans for this growth. 

Washburn Switch Interchange Small Area Plan (Complete Plan) 

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