US 74 Bypass Small Area Plans

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The US 74 Bypass is a controlled access highway, in which development should occur at or near the interchanges. The current planned interchanges are:

The current completion schedule for the entire US 74 Bypass is 2030; however, this could be accelerated or delayed as the other interchanges are funded. Washburn Switch and Polkville Road interchanges are scheduled to open for traffic from the west in 2018.

Each interchange has a small area plan associated with the area surrounding the interchange. Each small area plan will focus on a defined study area that includes the interchange and surrounding areas. Small area plans examine the local conditions and address a specific area’s needs and opportunities with detailed recommendations. They provide a collaborative process for citizens to work together to improve their neighborhood and ensure a better future.

The intention of the US 74 Bypass small area plans is to get ahead of the curve as to what kind of change might take place around the interchanges and to figure out a strategy for how that change should happen over time. With your participation through out the small area plan process, we can achieve this.


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