Appearance Award Guidelines

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Appearance Award Guidelines

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Mission Statement: The Keep Shelby Beautiful Appearance Award is awarded to the property that shows quality design that promotes maintenance, preservation and improvements of property while maintaining visual compatibility with surrounding areas. 


To be recommended for the commercial, residential or seasonal award, the property must meet a minimum of three (3) of the criteria listed below: 

1. Enhancing the appearance of a neighborhood 

2. Improving buildings, hardscapes and appearance of property

3. Enhancing or preserving the natural environment, e.g. trees, landscape

4. Recognizing rehabilitation and preservation of historic homes and businesses 

5. Consistently maintain high quality landscape and/or landscape contributing to the City's image

6. Community or citizen projects which enhance the appearance of visible public areas of the City, e.g. public art, seasonal accents, parks, streets, neighborhoods, schools, churches

7. Litter and graffiti reduction 

8. New construction that redevelops or improves existing neighborhood or commercial areas that exceed minimum requirements of landscaping and screening. 

9. Maintenance of business and residential properties that enhances the appearance of their area

10. Past award winners can be recommended again to receive the award after a period of three (3) years from receipt of the last award. This does not apply to a business in the event that a winning business relocates or a new business opens in a previous winning location. 

11. *Seasonal Awards given to properties with seasonal decorations.

*Note: Due to the time sensitive nature of seasonal awards, the Appearance Committee will make the selection(s) and presentations of the seasonal award(s) and report on those winners at the next regularly scheduled KSB meeting. There can be multiple seasonal winners during a holiday season. A "Seasonal Award" sign will be placed on all winning properties and a certificate given to the property owner. 

*Revised 10-6-2015

Please complete the following form if you wish to nominate a property for an Appearance Award.