Midget Football

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Midget Football (10-12 yr olds)

***Ages will be taken as of August 31st 2017***

2017 Midget Football Schedule


Saturday November 11th Championship Game
Redskins 26 - Panthers 20 OVERTIME
Cullen Burr ran for 2 touchdowns from 40 and 23 yards out, Burr also completed a pass to Jeremiah Jones for a 60 yard touchdown. Jones ran a touchdown from 11 yards out for the Redskins victory. Justice Fidel found the end zone from 6 yards out, and Drew Hollifield score on two runs 36 and 2 yards out and punched in a conversion for the Panthers.

Wednesday November 8th Playoffs
Redskins 34 - Vikings 6
Cullen Burr ran for 4 scores and Jayvon Burris found the end zone, Keron Burris and Burr punched in conversions for the Redskins. Nijahuan Cunningham ran a 40 yard touchdown for the Vikings.

Saturday November 4th
Redskins 32 - Vikings 8
Cullen Burr scored on three runs from 30, 35, and 3 yards out, Burr also completed a pass to teammate Keron Burris for a 15 yard touchdown. Jayvon Burris punched in a conversion for the Redskins. The Vikings were led by Nijahuan Cunningham 45 yard touchdown run and MJ Dawkins scored the conversion.

Saturday October 28th
Panthers 14 - Redskins 12
Drew Hollifield found the end zone from 11 and 1 yard out, Justice Fidel's two point conversion gave the Panthers the victory. Cullen Burr scored on a 17 yard run and also caught a 20 yard pass from Jeremiah Jones for the Redskins.

Saturday October 21
Panthers 28 - Vikings 6
Drew Hollifield ran 3 touchdowns from 12, 16, and 70 yards out, Hollifield also completed a pass to Justic Fidel for a 30 yard score. NyDrien Wood and Noah Patty scored conversions for the Panthers. Nijahuan Cunningham found MJ Dawkins for a 45 yard touchdown for the Vikings.

Tuesday October 17th
Redskins 20 - Vikings 0
Cullen Burr scored 3 touchdowns from 30, 22, and 45 yards out and Jayvon Burris added a conversion for the Redskins. The Vikings were led by Nijahuan Cunningham.

Saturday October 14th
Redskins 32 - Panthers 20
Cullen Burr led the Redskins with 4 touchdown run from 40, 60, 50, and 60 yards out, Jeremiah Jones scored from 12 yard out and a PAT for the victors. Drew Hollifield provided two touchdowns from 60 and 20 yards out and added a PAT. Justice Fidel also found the end zone for the Panthers from 35 yards out.

Saturday October 7th
Panthers 32 - Vikings 12
Drew Hollifield led the panthers with 5 touchdown runs from 7, 3, 20, 25, and 37 yards out, Hollifield and Justice Fidel both had PATs for the Panthers victory. Viking were led by Nijahuan Cunningham touchdown run from 43 yards out and a Cunningham pass to MJ Dawkins for 45 yard touchdown.

Saturday September 30th
Redskins 12 - Vikings 0
Cullen Burr led the Redskins scoring twice from 17 and 25 yards outs, Jimari Crockett and Derion Lowe both had interceptions for the victors.

Tuesday September 26th
Panthers 14 - Redskins 6
Drew Hollifield led the way for the Panthers scoring two touchdowns from 5 and 20 yards out and Justice Fidel scored a two point conversion for the victory. Cullen Burr scored on a 30 yard run for the Redskins.

Saturday September 23rd
Vikings 18 - Panthers 12 OT
Nijahuan Cunningham scored on 6 yard run and Shyne Hamilton ran for a 17 yard touchdown. In overtime Hamilton found Cunningham in the end zone for a 10 yard touchdown for the Vikings win. Drew Hollifield provided the offense for the Panthers scoring from 6 and 30 yards out.

 Saturday September 16th Jamboree
Game 1 Panthers 12 - Redskins 0
Justice Fidel scored from 13 yards outs and Drew Hollifield scored from 10 yards out for the Panthers.

Game 2 Vikings 8 - Redskins 0
Nijahuan Cunningham caught a pass from Shyne Hamilton for the games only touchdown and Hamilton punched in the 2 point conversion.

 Team  W  L
 Panthers  4  2
 RedSkins  4  2
 Vikings  1  5



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2016 Midget Football Results


Saturday November 5th
Championship Game
Packers 34 - Panthers 12

Jamarre Littlejohn scored from 41 and 35 yards out. Lamont Littlejohn scored from 3 yards out and added a PAT. Chase Bridges ran a 40 yard touchdown and punched in a PAT. Matt Spurling scored on a 28 yard run to lead the Packers to victory. Lamont Allen scored on a 2 yard run, and Drew Hollifield broke loose for a 30 yard score for the Panthers. 

Vikings 32 - Redskins 0
Shyne Hamilton ran two touchdowns from 7 and 3 yards out, and also scored two PATs. JayJay Patterson scored from 9 yard out and added a PAT. Simeon Gantt picked up a fumble and ran for a score and punched in the PAT for the Vikings.


VIKINGS   2 4