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2018 Junior Basketball Schedule



Home Team On Left
Thursday, January 11th – Tip Off City Park
                                   Monday, February 12th Holly Oak 
6:00PM Future Energy vs Shelby Optimist                                  6:00PM FOP vs Stroud/Wilson & Thompson
7:00PM FOP vs Stroud Wilson & Thompson                               7:00PM Shelby Optimist vs Future Energy

Tuesday, January 16th Holly Oak                                        Thursday, February 15th Teen Center
6:00PM Consolation                                                                          6:00PM Future Energy vs FOP
7:00PM Championship                                                                      7:00PM Stroud/Wilson/Thompson vs Shelby Opt.

Wednesday, January 17th City Park                                               Monday February 19th Holly Oak
6:00PM FOP vs Shelby Optimist                                                     6:00PM 1st Place vs 4th Place
7:00PM Future Energy vs Stroud Wilson & Thompson             7:00PM 2nd Place vs 3rd Place

Monday, January 22nd Holly Oak                                                 Thursday February 22nd City Park
6:00PM Shelby Optimist vs Future Energy                                  6:00PM Consolation
7:00PM FOP vs Stroud Wilson & Thompson                               7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP

Thursday, January 25th Teen Center                                                         
6:00PM Future Energy vs FOP                                                         
7:00PM Stroud/Wilson & Thompson vs Shelby Optimist

Tuesday, January 30th City Park  
6:30PM Stroud/Wilson & Thompson vs Future Energy
7:30PM Shelby Optimist vs FOP

Wednesday, January 31st City Park 
6:00PM Stroud/Wilson & Thompson vs FOP
7:00PM Future Energy vs Shelby Optimist

Monday, February 5th City Park
6:30PM Shelby Optimist vs Stroud/Wilson & Thompson
7:30PM FOP vs Future Energy

Thursday, February 8th Teen Center
6:00PM FOP vs Shelby Optimist
7:00PM Future Energy vs Stroud/Wilson & Thompson


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