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Junior League Basketball 13-15

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 Junior League Schedule

Saturday February 22nd All-Stars
Burke County 43 - Shelby 30
Leondre Thurman scored 8 points and Duane Jolley added 7 points for Shelby. Shelby is out of the tournament.

Friday February 21st All-stars
Burke County 50 - Shelby 27
Leondre Thurman led Shelby with 8 points and Jalen Humphries added 5 points. Shelby will play Saturday February 22nd and 11am in a must win game.


Junior All-Star Team
Chance Eaves
Sam Davis
Aiden Holiday
Duane Jolley
Leondre Thurman
Shedrick Addison Jr
Tykra Bostic
Jalen Humphries
Tj Brooks
Tymere Jordan
Tyron Freeman

Shedrick Addison
Quavis Thurman


Junior All-Star team will be playing Friday February 21st in Hickory against Burke County at 6PM.

Monday February 24th Championship Game
Stroud, Wilson, & Thompson 47 - VFW 24
Leondre Thurman scored 18 points and Josh Flynn scored 10 points for Stroud, WIlson, & Thompson. Tykra Bostic led VFW with 8 points,

Monday February 17th Tournament
VFW 56 - Legrand Center 23
Tymare Jordan scored 18 points, Jalen Humphries scored 14 points, and Takyra Bostic scored 12 points for VFW. Tyron Freeman scored 12 points for Legrand Center.

Thursday February 13th
VFW 33- Legrand Center 29
Shedrick Addison, Tykra Bostic, and Jalen Humphries all scored 8 points for VFW. Chance Eaves scored 17 points to lead Legrand Center.

Monday February 10th
Stroud, Wilson, & Thompson 39 - Legrand Center 32
Aidan Holiday scored 13 points and Nazir Pitts added nine points for Stroud, Wilson, and Thompson. Chase Eaves scored 12 point and Kashara Lockhart reached double figures with 11 points for Legrand Center.

Monday February 3rd
Stroud, Wilson, & Thompson 49 - VFW 32
Duane Jolley scored 12 points and Leondre Thurman added 11 points to lead Stroud, Wilson, & Thompson. Takyra Bostic led VFW with 12 points  and Jalen Humphries scored 6 points.

Monday January 27th
Stroud, Wilson, & Thompson 39 - Legrand Center 12
Aidan Holiday led all scorers with 15 points and Leondre Thurman added 13 points for Stroud, Wilson, & Thompson. Chase Eaves scored 8 points for Legrand. 

Thursday January 23rd
Stroud, Wilson, & Thompson 38 - VFW 22
Leonadre Thurman scored 19 points and Duane Jolley added 7 points for Stroud, Wilson, & Thompson. VFW was led by Takyra Banks with 8 points.

Tuesday January 21st
Legrand Center 32 - VFW 31
Chase Eaves scored a game high 17 points for Legrand Center and Kevin Lockhart added five points. Tymare Jordan scored 16 points to lead VFW.

Thursday January 16th
Stroud, Wilson, & Thompson 48- Legrand Center 24
Duane Jolley scored 15 points and Leondre Thrurman scored 13 points for Stroud, Wilson, & Thompson. Jrek Chatman led Legrand Center with 12 points.

 Monday January 13th
Stroud, Wilson, & Thompson 40 - VFW 28
Aidan Holiday scored 16 points and Duane Jolley scored 12 point for Stroud, Wilson, & Thompson victory.  Shedrick Addison led VFW with ten points.