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Application for Utilities Services
Only the Owner(s) or Tenant(s) can apply for utility service with the City. The City requires proof that the applicant is the owner or tenant of the premises to be served. The following procedures apply with regard to application for utilities services:

  • Anyone desiring utilities services with the City must make application to the City for desired services. The applicant must be of legal age, provide all requested information and execute a Service Agreement.  The City, as a part of the application process, may require that the applicant provide photo identification, social security number or tax identification number, driver's license number, and a utility security deposit.  If the applicant is a tenant he/she must furnish the name of the owner of the premises to be served, along with a copy of the tenant's lease agreement or other information indicating owner’s permission to obtain utilities services by the tenant.
  • Application for existing services (connects and/or disconnects) will normally be completed within 72 hours.
  • On previous accounts receivable, the City will search its records to determine if a previous account existed for new applicants or other members of the customer’s household. If an account did previously exist, and it contains a balance due the City, the balance must be settled in full prior to establishing a new account. 

With questions about applying for utility services, contact one of our Customer Services Representatives at 704.484.6866 or visit us at 300 South Washington St. 

Deposit Requirements
The City of Shelby may require the customer to make an initial deposit, based on the current Schedule of Fees and Charges, as a guarantee of the payment for utilities used.  In some cases, the City will allow customers to provide alternative guarantees of payment or proof of credit worthiness in lieu of required deposit.

Utility Security Deposit Policy