Services Provided

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The City of Shelby is a full service utility community. The Shelby utility system provides water, sewer, electric, natural gas and stormwater service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.  The Customer Services Department consists of four divisions: Customer Service, Billing, Payments, and Metering.



  • Customer Services provides information pertaining to new accounts, utility connections, energy conservation, billing inquiries and similar customer service issues. 
  • Billing will make any adjustments to utility accounts, insert rates approved by City Council, handle meter maintenance in our database.  The also work closely with utilities, GIS and Zoning to create service locations within the system among other duties and responsibilities.
  • Technicians in the Meter Services Department read approximately 30,000 meters throughout the month. This division performs connects / disconnects of service. They also test meters and check water meters for leaks. They set electric meters, and handle customer complaints and requests. (Click here to go to “Understanding Your Bill”.)  
  • The Payments Division processes utility bill payments via web, phone or in-person, receives payments for building permits, business licenses, landfill charges and all other revenue collected by the City.