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The City of Shelby is pleased to announce our new Budget Billing Program.  Budget  Billing is a yearly plan that allows you to pay the same amount each month based on the last  twelve months’ billing.  Budget Billing will take the surprise out of your utility bill by stabilizing your monthly utility payment throughout the course of the year.


When we receive your completed application, we will calculate your average usage at that address over the past 12 months. That average amount becomes the Budget Bill amount for your utility usage. As you regularly pay that amount during the spring and fall months, when utility bills are typically lower than average, you build up a credit balance; which is then used up during the summer and winter for cooling and heating. 

The Budget Bill charge amount can be greater than or less than the actual charge amount for a service. The difference between the Budget Bill amount and the actual charge amount is called the Deferred Balance. The Deferred Balance is then calculated on the customer’s bill during the reconciling process. This reconciling process will take place annually in April.

During the reconciliation process, the Budget Bill amount is recalculated and adjusted to reflect your most recent usage history for the next year.  Regardless of when a customer is added to the Budget Billing Program, each April billing cycle will be used as the reconciling month.  

Any deferred balance, whether a credit (amount owed to customer) or debit (amount owed to City) will be calculated with the upcoming year’s Budget Billing amount.  This will prevent customers from having to pay a large balance to the City, or the City having to issue a check for a credit balance.  The customer’s budget billing amount is then recalculated using the most current twelve month history, and a new cycle begins.


· Who is eligible?  Any City of Shelby Residential customer that has had continuous service at the same address for a period of at least 12 months. 

· You must also have a $0 account balance to be added to the Budget Billing Program. 

· The billing amount is based on a 12-month average.  The account will be reviewed and adjusted, if necessary, in October and reconciled every April.  You will be notified by mail of any changes made in your budget-billing amount. 

· The monthly bill will reflect actual consumption and dollar amounts; however, the budget-billing amount on the bill will be the amount you are responsible for paying. 

· At any given time during the year, your account will have a debit or credit balance based on actual usage.  Even if there is a credit balance on the monthly bill, you are still required to make the budgeted bill amount payment. 

· To remain in the Budget Billing Program your account must not be disconnected for nonpayment at any time.  Disconnection for nonpayment will be immediate grounds for dismissal from the Budget Billing Program.

· If for any reason you come off the Budget Billing program, your account will be reconciled to actual usage.  Debit amounts will be due and payable at the next due date and credit balances will be applied to the bill.  You may consider participation in the Budget Billing program again in twelve months. 

· If you terminate service with City of Shelby, your account will be reconciled to actual usage and credit or debit balances will be applied to your Final bill.  

· If you transfer your service to another address in Shelby, you will be removed from Budget Billing at that time.  Your account will be reconciled to actual usage and any existing debit or credit will be applied to your final bill at the old address.  Budget Billing amounts will not be transferred from one address to another.



Please read and complete the Budget Billing Application.  Then  sign and return the form agreeing to the guidelines and your account will be calculated for Budget Billing effective on your  April 2017 utility statement.  You  may sign up for Budget Billing at any time.  Your budgeted amount will show on your following utility statement. 



 Keep your Budget Billing account current- which is easy if you also participate in our Automatic Bank Draft Program.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from planning ahead.

For any questions, please contact our Customer Services Department at 704.484.6866, press option 2 for regular business hours, then option 3 to speak to a Customer Services Representative.