Stormwater Management Program


In January 2010, the City of Shelby was designated as a Phase II stormwater community. This is a federal designation, regulated by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Stormwater Program, and required the City to obtain a stormwater discharge permit.

The initial Phase II stormwater permit was received from the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) in December 2012 and remains effective for a five-year period.


The Phase II permit requires the City of Shelby to implement a Comprehensive Stormwater Management Program and six minimum measures to reduce stormwater pollutants entering our system.  The six minimum measures are:


  • Public Education and Outreach

  • Public Involvement and Participation
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE)
  • Construction Site Runoff Controls
  • Post-Construction Site Runoff Controls
  • Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations

city of shelby Stormwater FAQs


to report a stormwater problem within the city of shelby, call 704-484-6866

or email


To report any erosion or sedimentation problems, call the NCDENR

stop mud hotline at 1-866-stopmud (786-7683)

For information on Phase II site requirements and design click below:



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for volunteering opportunities within the city of shelby, call 704-484-6829


For Stormwater Questions or Comments

PO Box 207, Shelby, NC 28151-0207

Phone: 704-484-6840



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