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The City of Shelby has 483 miles of gas mains, 234 miles of gas service lines and 9,567 gas customers. We have two feeder lines from our supplier Williams Transco Gas Pipeline that runs from Grover, SC to Shelby. We have 3 major and 38 secondary regulator stations to keep constant pressure in our lines.


We serve the City of Shelby as well as Earl, Waco, Fallston, Lawndale, Polkville, Kingstown, Lattimore, Moss Lake, part of Patterson Springs, Boiling Springs and the surrounding areas in the county. To view our service area, click here.

We operate under numerous stringent federal regulations. The system is maintained with a crew of 12 plus administrative support. Our goal is to provide a continuous supply of clean energy source to Shelby and Cleveland County. We strive to do this as safely and efficiently as we possibly can.


First Row (left to right): Chris Childers, Paul Robinson, Chris White,

Freddie Jones, Mike Church (retired), Jeff Champion, Bobby Price

Second Row (left to right): Mark Bridges, Donald Shelton, Roger Hull,

Casey Porter, Travis Blanton, Ronnie Davis, Scott Huffstetler


If You Smell Natural Gas, Please Call 911


For Questions or Comments:

Jeff Champion 
Scott Huffstetler
Natural Gas Superintendent   
Natural Gas Supervisor - Corrosion
Phone: 704-484-6840
Phone: 704-484-6840
Chris White
Ronnie Davis
Natural Gas Supervisor - Maintenance   
Utilities Compliance Coordinator
Phone: 704-484-6840 
Phone: 704-484-6840




Before construction, excavation or digging is done on your premises, call 811 to have underground gas lines located and marked. 

George W. Clay, Jr. Utility Operations Center

824 West Grover Street
Phone: 704-484-6840
Fax: 704-484-6808
Office Hours: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday
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