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The training function of the Shelby Police Department is coordinated through the Office of Professional Standards.  This training includes field training for new officers, mandated in-service training as required by the state, and specialized training for various job functions in our agency.


Field Training

All newly-hired officers of the Shelby Police Department receive twelve weeks of on-the-job field training.  This training is conducted by officers who have successfully completed the Field Training Officer program offered through the NC Justice Academy.  This training is documented through daily and weekly reports, and through the completion of the department Field Training Manual.  During this training, new officers learn about department policies, procedures, and protocols. 


In-Service Training

Each year, all sworn law enforcement officers in the state of North Carolina must complete a minimum of thirty-six hours of in-service training in order to maintain their law enforcement certification.  Included within this training are weapons training and qualifications.  Officers must qualify with their issued firearm and shotgun on an annual basis, and must qualify with all less-lethal weapons (i.e. OC Spray, TASER) they carry on a biennial basis.  Weapons’ training is conducted by certified departmental instructors on our firearms range.  The remaining mandated training is conducted by certified instructors through our local community college.  The mandated training topics for 2011 include:

  • Career Survival: Leadership and Mentoring
  • Domestic Violence
  • JMST: Interactions, Communications, and Understanding
  • Legal Update
  • Firearms Training

Specialized Training

Once an officer completes Field Training, they become eligible to attend various specialized law enforcement training courses.  This training is conducted primarily through the North Carolina Justice Academy.  The Justice Academy is funded through the NC Department of Justice.  The Justice Academy operates its western campus in Edneyville (just outside Hendersonville), and its eastern campus in Salemburg (just outside Fayetteville).  The department also utilizes other nationally recognized training programs for various specialized assignments within our agency.


If you have any questions about the Shelby Police Department training program, please contact Lt. Brad Fraser at (704) 669-6651, or email by clicking here.



NC Justice Academy

NC Criminal Justice Education and Training and Standards Commission

Cleveland Community College



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