PLANNING & development SERVICES: Planning & Zoning Board (Pzb)

PLANNING AND ZONING BOARD is an advisory board to City Council and their meetings are open to the public. The board meets the third Thursday of each month with the business meeting beginning at 12:15 PM at the UOC Assembly Room, Utilities Operations Center, 824 West Grover Street, Shelby.

The board is composed of ten members appointed by City Council for terms of three years. Seven board members are residents within the city limits of Shelby and three members are residents within the ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction) area.

The powers and duties of the Planning and Zoning Board are:

  1. Make studies and recommend to the City Council plans, goals and objectives relating to the growth, development and redevelopment of the City’s planning jurisdiction.
  2. Develop and recommend to the City Council policies, ordinances, administrative procedures and other means for carrying out plans in a coordinated and efficient manner.
  3. Make recommendations to the City Council concerning proposed zoning text and map changes. The board has 45 days to submit its recommendation, failing to do so constitutes a favorable recommendation.
  4. Approve preliminary plats of major subdivision plats in accordance with the provisions of Section 15-3.3 of the UDO (Unified Development Ordinance).
  5. Perform any other duties assigned by the City Council or authorized by the UDO.

The board may adopt rules and regulations governing its procedures and operations not inconsistent with the provisions of the UDO.





Marlene Peeler (Chairman) June 2015

Rick Washburn (Vice Chair) June 2015

Mark Carter June 2015

Bob Cabaniss (ETJ) June 2015

Roy Dedmon (ETJ) June 2015

Mike Royster June 2016

Marty Allen June 2016

Scott Bankhead June 2016

Will Rucker (ETJ) June 2017

Charles Hamrick June 2017

Greg Taylor June 2017


Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at noon in the UOC Assembly Room at 824 W. Grover St.

Three-year (3) appointments.


City Council Liason:

Ben Kittrell - Ward 5

715 Cedar Hill Dr.

Shelby, NC 28152

H: 704-751-4046

C: 828-919-1647

W: 828-657-2333

Staffed by:

Walter (Walt) Scharer, Planning Services Director

Korrie Becht, Planner and GIS Analyst

Kathy Melton, Administrative Assistant/Board Secretary

Judy Webb, Zoning Enforcement Officer



P&Z January 17, 2013

P&Z February 21, 2013

P&Z March 21, 2013

P&Z April 18, 2013

P&Z May 16, 2013

P&Z June 20, 2013

P&Z July 18, 2013

P&Z August 15, 2013

P&Z September 19, 2013

P&Z October 10, 2013

P&Z November 21, 2013

P&Z December 19, 2013


For more information, contact:

Planning & Development Services

Phone: 704-484-6829

Post Office Box 207  (28151)

315 South Lafayette Street;  Shelby, NC 28150


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