2014 Western Youth Athletic Association

midget basketball tournament

Friday, February 28th

6:00PM Hickory-52 vs Burke County 1-21

Cody Young scored 18pts and Davis Amos scored 15pts to lead Hickory. Nicholas Johnson scored 5pts to pace Burke County 1

7:00PM Newton Tar Heels-25 vs Shelby AllStars-51

Jacalon Shell scored 10pts and Rodney Cannon scored 9pts to lead Shelby. Desmond Anderson and Myles Baker and Kyiuan Mc Clain scored 6pts each to pace the Newton Blue Tar Heels..

8:00PM Alexander County Blue-43 vs Newton Blue Devils-19

Jaden Chapman scored 10pts and Lucas Walker and Brett Johnson scored 8pts each to lead Alexander County Blue. Jasean Farley scored 9pts to pace the Newton Blue Devils

Saturday, March 1st

10:00AM Watauga Warriors-0 vs Hickory-83

Ben Nichols scored 27pts and Cody Young scored 14pts and Davis Amos scored 10pts to lead Hickory.

11:00AM Watauga Wizards-10 vs Shelby AllStars-73

George Dunlap scored 11pts and Jordan Brooks and Desmond Hyde scored 10pts each to lead Shelby. Daylan Banks scored 4pts to pace the Watauga Wizards.

12:00PM Alexander Gold-45 vs Lenior-28

Aaron Gregory scored 10pts to lead Alexander County Gold. Jacob Younce scored 9pts to pace Lenoir.

  1:00PM Newton Blue Devils-34- vs Newton Tar Heels-39

Myles Baker scored 16pts and Kyiuan McIver scored 11pts to lead The Newton Tarheels. Aldrick Edwards scored 12pts to pace the Newton Blue Devils.

  2:00PM Burke Co 1-52 vs Lenior-32

Christopher Lytle scored 10pts to lead Burke County # 1. Josh Baker scored 13pts to pace Lenior.

  3:00PM Alexander County Blue-17 vs Hickory-41

Cody Young scored 13pts to lead Hickory. Brett Johnson scored 6pts to pace Alexander County Blue.

  4:00PM Shelby-44 vs Alexander County Gold-31

RonJae Foxx scored 9pts and De'Quan George scored 8pts to lead Shelby. Andrew Aurtor and Carter Patterson and Tristan Millsaps scored 6pts each to pace Alexander County Gold.

  5:00PM Newton Tar Heels-45 vs Watauga Warriors-12

Myles Baker scored 21pts and Kyian McClain scored 10pts to lead The Newton Tar Heels. Zach Skillman scored 6pts and Jacob Davis scored 4pts and Riley Reese scored 2pts to pace The Watauga Warriors.

  6:00PM Watauga Wizzards-11 vs Burke County 1-64

Dayonta Roddy scored 12pts and Malichi Suttles and Kason Ledford scored 10pts each to lead Burke County # . Daylan Banks scored 6pts and Wyeth Collins scored 3pts and Jackson Earnhardt scored 2pts to pace The Watauga Wizzards.

Friday, March 7th

6:00PM Alexander County Gold-34 vs Newton Tar Heels-40

Desmond Anderson scored 20pts and Myles Baker scored 9pts to lead the Newton Tar Heels.

Carter Petterson scored 7pts and Dalton Stikeleather scored 6pts to pace Alexander Gold.

7:00PM Alexander County Blue- 30 vs Burke County # 1-39

Christopher Lytle scored 9pts and Michael Moses scored 7pts to lead Burke County # 1. Lucas Walker and Zach Wooten scored 11pts each to pace Alexander County Blue.

8:00PM Hickory-44 vs Shelby-26

Cody Young scored 20pts and Davis Amos scored 9pts to lead Shelby. Jacalon Shell scored 9pts to pace Shelby.

9:00PM Neton Tar Heels-31 vs Burke County # 1-34

Christopher Lytle scored 13pts to lead Burke County # 1. Myles Baker scored 19pts to pace The Newton Tar Heels.

Saturday, March 8th

10:00AM Losers Brackett Finals Shelby-40 vs Burke County # 1-36

Jordan Brooks scored 16pts and Jecalon Shell scored 13pts to lead Shelby. Christopher Lytle scored 17pts to pace Burke County # 1.

11:30AM CHAMPIONSHIP Hickory-44 vs Shelby-35

Cody Young scored 14pts and James Freeman scored 12pts to lead Hickory to the 2013/2014 Western Youth Athletic Association Midget Championship. Jordan Brooks scored 8pts and Dorian Davis scored 7pts and Jacalon Shell scored 6pts to pace Shelby.


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2014 shelby midget allstars

Jordan Brooks, Nick Boykins, Bradley Browner, Rodney Cannon, Dorian Davis,       

Zion Davis, George Dunlap, Ronjae Foxx, De'Quan George, Desmond Hyde

Jaden Little, Jecalon Shelby           

Head Coach: Elijah Brown   

                     Ricky Browner



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