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Home Team On Left
Monday, January 6th – Tip Off
6:00PM Amvets-30 vs Shelby Hardware-27                               
7:00PM S&R Auto Sales-39 vs Norris Merchandise


Thursday, January 9th                                                                     
6:30PM Consolation Shelby Hardware-42 vs Norris Merchandise-18

7:30PM Championship Amvets-34 vs S&R Auto Sales-26                                                                       


Monday, January 13th                                                                      
6:00PM Norris Merchandise-23 vs S&R Auto Sales-34                       
7:00PM Shelby Hardware-34 vs Amvets-21


Thursday, January 16th                                                                     
6:30PM Norris Merchandise-22 vs Shelby Hardware-30                    
7:30PM S&R Auto Sales-25 vs Amvets

Saturday, January 18th                                                                    
  9:00AM S&R Auto Sales-23 vs Shelby Hardware-40                            
10:00AM Amvets-35 vs Norris Merchandise

Thursday, January 23rd  
6:30PM Norris Merchandise-22 vs Amvets-31
7:30PM Shelby Hardware-30 vs S&R Auto Sales

Saturday, January 25th
  9:00AM Amvets-26 vs Shelby Hardware-36
10:00AM S&R Auto Sales-34 vs Norris Merchandise-32

Monday, January 27th
6:00PM Amvets-34 vs S&R Auto Sales-26
7:00PM Shelby Hardware-29 vs Norris Merchandise

Thursday, January 30th  
6:30PM S&R Auto Sales-10 vs Shelby Hardware-21
7:30PM Amvets-21 vs Norris Merchandise

Saturday, February 1st

  9:00AM Shelby Hardware-31 vs Amvets-26

10:00AM Norris Merchandise-22 vs S&R Auto Sales-24

Monday, February 3rd

6:00PM Norris Merchandise-26 vs Shelby Hardware-29

7:00PM S&R Auto Sales-31 vs Amvets-28

Thursday, February 6th

6:30PM 1st Place Shelby Hardware-34 vs 4th Place Norris Merchandise-23

7:30PM 2nd Place Amvets-20 vs 3rd Place S&R Auto Sales-34

Monday, Fegbruary 10th

6:00PM Consolation Amvets-22 vs Norris Merchandise-23

7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Shelby Hardware-31 vs S&R Auto Sales-22

Monday, Februrary 17th

6:00PM Hot Shot/Free Throw Contest


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