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Saturday, July 13th

***Championship Game***

4:00PM Shelby Blue-7 vs Sanford-5

Winning Pitcher: Seth Harrill, Richard Wright had 3 hits and Thomas Weaver had 2 hits to lead the Shelby Blue All-Stars to the 2013 Shelby City Park Senior All-Stars Tournament Title

Other Team Members: Dillon Daves, Ben Cooper, Ethan Thomas, Chancey Sanders, Austin Seagle, Colton Bowman, Brandon McSwain, Austin Cash, J.B. Young. Coaches: Mike Trammell, Randy Piercy, Sammy Seagle, Ryan Duncan.

2:00PM Shelby Blue-8 Shelby Orange-6

Winning Pitcher: Chancey Sanders, Ben Cooper and Colton Bowman had 2 hits each to lead Shelby Blue. C.J. Philbeck had 2 hits to pace Shelby Orange.

11:30AM Sanford-11 Shelby Orange-3

Winning Pitcher: Balley Gouteem, Casey Lanier and Shane Godfrey and Jason Taylor had 2 hits each to lead Sanford. Kavacia Shell and Austin House had 1 hit each to pace Shelby Orange.

9:00AM Shelby Blue-13 Sanford-6

Winning Pitcher: Thomas Weaver, Ben Cooper and Richard Wright had 3 hits each and Seth Harrill had 2 hits to lead Shelby Blue. Jordan Foushee had 2 hits to pace Sanford.

Friday, July 12th

Shelby Blue-14 vs Shelby Orange-0

Brandon McSwain was the winning pitcher and Dillon Daves had 4 hits with Chancey Sanders 3 hits to lead Shelby Blue. Luke Ledbetter and Austin House had the only hits for Shelby Orange.



Shelby Senior All-Stars Team A

Dillon Daves               Shelby Farm & Garden

Richard Wright            Shelby Farm & Garden

Ben Cooper                Shelby Savings Bank

Seth Harrill                  Shelby Savings Bank

Thomas Weaver          Shelby Savings Bank

Ethan Thomas             Shelby Savings Bank

Chancey Sanders         Shelby Savings Bank

Austin Seagle               Shelby Savings Bank

Colton Bowman           Bargain Station

Brandon McSwain         Bargain Station

Austin Cash                  Civitans

J.B. Young                    Civitans


Mike Trammell               Shelby Savings Bank

Randy Piercy                  Bargain Station


Shelby Senior All-Stars Team B

Tyler Carter                Shelby Savings Bank

Austin House               Bargain Station

Kyle Lewis                   Bargain Station

C.J. Philbeck                Bargain Station

Eric Grajales                Civitans

Will Bankhead              Shelby Farm & Garden

Kavacia Shell               Shelby Farm & Garden

Luke Graves                Shelby Farm & Garden

Jarrett Ledford             Shelby Farm & Garden

Luke Ledbetter             Shelby Farm & Garden


Scott Bankhead            Shelby Farm & Garden

Bobby Price                   Civitans






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