Parks and Recreation : Staff Directory


Parks and Recreation Office 704-484-6811  

Parks and Recreation Director
Charlie Holtzclaw 704-484-6811
Fax: 484-6884

Administrative Assistant

Laura Newton 704-484-6811
Fax: 484-6884
Recreation Programs Manager
David Fisher 704-484-6811
Fax: 484-6884
Recreation Programs    
Royster Golf Course Director Richard Degree 704-484-6823

Recreation Program Supervisor

Dee Greene 704-484-6839
Fax: 484-6884
Athletic Program Supervisor Doug Hull 704-484-6839
Fax: 484-6884

Amusement Supervisor

Tommy Forney 704-484-6476
Holly Oak Park Supervisor Wayne Merritt 704-484-6824
Parks Building and Grounds Superintendent    
Billy Fields


Assistant Parks Building and Grounds Superintendent

Jay Hollifield           704-484-6881

Crew Supervisor   

Andy Brack 704-484-6881
Building/Turf & Grounds Crew    
Timmy Thompson Facility Supervisor 704-484-6881
Doug Chapman Amusement Technician 704-484-6881
Kenneth Wilson Park Maintenance II 704-484-6881
Ronnie Glover Park Maintenance II 704-484-6881
Robert Monroe Park Maintenance II 704-484-6881
Charles Robinson Park Maintenance II 704-484-6881
Zach Deaton Park Maintenance II 704-484-6881
Chad Bridges Park Maintenance II 704-484-6881
Brian McKee Park Maintenance II 704-484-6881

 Ryan Whitaker                               Park Maintenance II                          704-484-6881    

 Henry Hartley                                Custodian                                         704-484-6881


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