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On April 2, 2012 Shelby City Council voted to name the entry road to the new Recreation and Sports Complex at City Park "Larry Ware Way".

During the February 15, 2012 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting an agenda item was discussed pertaining the naming of a street at Shelby City Park in memory of the late Larry G. Ware. Larry was an Advisory Board member for some 20 plus years and was the Chairman for 12 of those years up until his being elected to Shelby City Council in 2008. Since his passing in June of 2009, the Board has been in constant discussions about how to remember Larry for his unequaled and dedicated service to all that were involved in, or participated in programs at our parks.

During his time on the Board many exciting things happened, or were in the works that greatly enhanced the City’s parks and recreation programs. A prime example was his leadership on the new Parks and Recreation Master Plan adopted by City Council in 2008. This plan is underway and the City Park Enhancement Project Phase I is complete with a modern athletic complex and several other recreational amenities. Larry was very proactive and had great vision that naturally carried over to others on the Board as well as City staff and the public. When he was elected to Shelby City Council in 2008, and as always, he made clear his vision for Shelby and showed his love of our community. Even though he was very ill, he would make his way to meetings and never wavered on his hopes and dreams for Shelby.

The service of Larry Ware is not confined to being a Board and Council member. Larry started coaching youth sports at City Park during the 1970’s and continued in to the 1990’s. The majority of those 20 plus years he coached football, baseball and basketball each year. That alone is an exceptional record, but Larry’s love for the players and all those associated with the various leagues put him on another level. Also during his park career, Larry officiated baseball, softball and volleyball because of his passion for the programs and participants. He was a good friend to all of the park staff and was considered part of the family by many. In addition he served as President of the North Carolina Magistrates Association and was known as the voice of the Shelby High Golden Lion Football Team as the PA announcer for many years. 

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