Parks and recreation : 2014 Girls 12U Fastpitch Schedule Information for softball


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2015 12 & Under Girl’s Fastpitch Schedule


Monday, April 20th                                                     Thursday, May 21st  

         Complex 3                                                                          Optimist

6:00PM Carolina Chiropractic vs Chen’s                 6:00PM Legrand Center-4 vs WOHS 1390-8

7:30PM Legrand Center vs WOHS 1390                  7:30PM  Carolina Chiro.-4 vs Chen’s-5


Tuesday, April 21st                                                      Tuesday, May 26th

          Complex 3                                                                         Complex 3

6:00PM S&M Sports vs Chen’s Chinese                    6:00PM S&M Sports vs Chens Chinese

7:30PM Legrand Center vs Carolina Chiro.             7:30PM Legrand Center vs Carolina Chiro.


Tuesday, April 28th                                                       Thursday, May 28th

          Complex 3                                                                         Complex 3

6:00PM WOHS 1390 vs Carolina Chiropractic      6:00PM WOHS 1390 vs Carolina Chiropractic

7:30PM S&M Sports vs Legrand Center                  

                                                                                           Tuesday, June 2nd

Thursday, April 30th                                                                  Optimist

           Complex 3                                                            6:00PM S&M vs Legrand Center                        

6:00PM Chens Chinese vs Legrand Center          

7:30PM WOHS 1390 vs S&M Sports                       Wednesday, June 3rd

                                                                                                       Complex 3

Tuesday, May 5th                                                           6:00PM Chens Chinese vs Legrand Center

            Complex 3                                                                                                                                       

6:00PM Carolina Chiro. vs S&M Sports                   Tuesday, June 9th

7:30PM Chens vs WOHS 1390                                                    Optimist   

                                                                                           6:00PM Carolina Chiro. vs S&M Sports

Thursday, May 7th                                                          7:30PM Chens Chinese vs WOHS 1390

             Complex 3                                               

6:00PM WOHS 1390 vs Legrand Center                  Thursday, June 11th

7:30PM Chens Chinese vs Carolina Chiro.                                 Optimist                                            

                                                                      6:00PM WOHS 1390 vs S&M

Tuesday, May 12th                                                                        

               Bill Proctor Field                                           

6:00PM Carolina Chiro. vs Legrand Center              

7:30PM Chens Chinese vs S&M Sports


Thursday, May 14th

                Bill Proctor Field

6:00PM Legrand Center vs S&M Sports        

7:30PM Carolina Chiro. vs WOHS 1390


Tuesday, May 19th                                                         


6:00PM Chens Chinese vs WOHS 1390                     

7:30PM S&M Sports vs Carolina Chiro.          




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