Human Resources : Safety/Risk Management

The City of Shelby has a sincere concern for safety and health of our employees and the public we serve.  Our goal is to eliminate the suffering and cost associated with avoidable injuries and accidents.  Our goal is to provide safe working conditions for all employees, to provide complete instructions covering safe work methods, and to provide special equipment to protect employees against particular hazards.  The City of Shelby will place safe operations above operational expediency and will comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and other safety laws.

Risk management is a systematic process of:

  1. Identification and measurement of risk,
  2. Formulation of alternative techniques to control and finance the risk,
  3. Implementation of the chosen techniques, and
  4. Review and evaluation of results.

Accidents and injuries are preventable.  Therefore, all employees are responsible for promoting prevention by actively supporting the Risk and Safety program, by observing the safety regulations and by working safely. 


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