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All Services- One Bill        
When comparing our utility charges to those of other providers, please remember that your City of Shelby bill may include charges for several services- water, wastewater collection, electric, natural gas, security lighting, and waste disposal landfill charges.

Utility Service Area Maps:
Map of Water Service Area
Map of Electric Service Area                  
Map of Sewer Service Area    
Map of Natural Gas Service Area

Utility Rate Schedules:
Water Rates

Residential Water Inside City Limits Rate
Residential Water Outside City Limits Rate
Commercial Water Inside City Limits Rate

Commercial Water Outside City Limits Rate

Irrigation Water Inside City Limits Rate

Irrigation Water Outside City Limits Rate

Large Industrial Water Inside City Limits Rate

Large Industrial Water Outside City Limits Rate

Resale Water Rate

Government Water Rate

Sewer Rates
Inside City Limits Rate
Outside City Limits Rate
Governmental Rate

Large Industrial - Inside City Limits Rate

Large Industrial - Outside City Limits Rate

Electric Rates
Residential Electric Service
Residential All-Electric Service
Small General / Industrial Rate
Small General All Electric Rate
Medium / Large General Rate
Medium / Large General All Electric Rate
Medium / Large Industrial Rates
Very Large General Rate
Coincident Peak Rate
Customer Generation Rider

Renewable Energy Porfolio Standards

Electric Rate Rider RECR-1

Outdoor Lighting Schedule

Natural Gas Rates
Residential Rate
Commercial / Industrial Rate
High Load Factor Rate
Interruptible Rate

Large Industrial Firm Rate Schedule

Industrial Firm Transportation Rate

Meter Readings and Billing Procedures
The Meter Service Technicians are responsible for the timely and accurate reading of approximately 30,000 residential, commercial and industrial meters.  A monthly meter reading provides accurate data, ensuring that customers are paying for the exact amount used.  Water meter readings are used as the basis for determining sewer bills.

It is the City's policy to read every utility meter each month. Meters are read on a cyclical basis, and monthly bills are mailed periodically throughout the month to each customer with a utility account.  Utility charges begin when the meter is installed. All installed meters are billed on active accounts. The reading dates are scheduled to fall within the same weekly period each month. The City will strive to maintain a billing cycle of no less than 25 days or more than 35 days in the billing period.

The City reserves the right to estimate usage when extenuating circumstances prevail. In the event that the meter is not read, the customer will receive a system-generated bill, which is calculated by considering past usage. However, it is the policy of the City not to estimate an account for two (2) consecutive months, unless unavoidable. Because the metering system is based on "continuous read" meters, estimating consumption for one month will not affect total consumption over a two-month period.

Utility bills are mailed to each customer once each month and are payable as of the bill date. We make every effort to give our customers a fair amount of time to pay their bills. If a customer’s bill has not been paid by their next billing month, a notice is printed on the bill stating the amount past due and a scheduled disconnect date.

In support of our commitment to quality customer service, The City of Shelby will install automated meter reading (AMR) devices on customer meters over the next several years. The AMR technology will allow us to read your meter remotely. AMR cuts down on re-reads and the need to estimate bills. A small battery-powered radio transmitter is installed on your meter that allows your meter to be read with a special handheld device.  Once the reading is collected, it is processed through our billing system.
Should you have questions or concerns about meter reading or billing procedures, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 704.484.6866.

How to Read Your Meter
Your electric and natural gas meters are precision instruments that accurately measure your usage. By carefully following these instructions, you can keep a close check on the amount of utilities that you use.

  • Read your meter numbers from RIGHT to LEFT.
  • Note each number before moving on to the next dial on the LEFT.
  • Always read the numbers in the direction of 0, 1, 2, etc. (clockwise, counter clockwise, clockwise, etc.)
  • Record the number the pointer has JUST PASSED.

    Practice with this example:

    The answer is 18557.
Even though a pointer appears to be exactly on a number, read the NEXT LOWER number, unless the pointer to its right has just passed zero (0) and is moving toward one (1).

Payment Extensions
Contact with a City customer service representative prior to disconnection is always more favorable than making arrangements after service is involuntarily interrupted. Payment options may be available prior to disconnection that will save the customer from additional fees.
An extension will be made on utility payments if the customer has made arrangements with the City and has signed a Payment Extension Agreement, approved by the Customer Service Representative. The tenant of record or the owner should make all requests for extensions. No more than one (1) payment extensions will be granted in a twelve (12) month period.  The City has the right to grant more than one extension request if it determines that it would be in the City's interest to do so.
If payment is not made as agreed to in the Payment Extension Agreement, service will be discontinued without further notice, and all payments, including any disconnect and reconnect charges, will have to be received by the City before reconnecting service.

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