Duties of the Mayor

The significant powers held by a mayor in North Carolina are created by individual city charters, by action of the city council, or by the mayor’s own political stature, but with limited authority.  North Carolina statute recognizes the mayor as the official head of the city for purposes of serving civil process, and most federal agencies extend this same recognition for purposes of official correspondence or actions such as grant awards or enforcement of federal laws and regulations.  North Carolina statutes require the mayor to preside at council meetings and give the mayor the power to call special meetings of the council.  The Mayor of Shelby, in all cases of a tie vote of the Council members present, upon any question or in the election of any officer by said City Council, shall have the right to vote, but shall not be allowed to vote in any other case.
The mayor as facilitative leader:


• Helps accomplish things through other people
• Provides guidance and influence
• In a good position to help coordinate
• In a position to have a great deal of information that can be shared
• Provides positive team relations and commitment to working together
• Builds consensus among Council members

Contact Information:

Mayor O. Stanhope Anthony III
City of Shelby

300 South Washington Street/Shelby, NC  28150
P O Box 207/ Shelby, NC  28151-0207
Phone:  704 484-6801
Email: stan.anthony@cityofshelby.com


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