City Council                      

City Council Divisions

Functions of the City Council:

The City has a council/manager form of government.  City Council is the policy making and legislative body of City government and includes a Mayor and six Council members.  The Mayor and Council members are elected at-large on a non-partisan basis and serve staggered four-year terms.

The City Council has the authority to confer powers and duties on both the Mayor and the Manager in addition to those conferred on them by law.  The Council has the authority to organize and reorganize City government.  Except when expressly prevented by other laws, the Council can “ . . . create, change, abolish, and consolidate offices, positions, departments, boards, commissions, and agencies . . . to promote orderly and efficient administration of city affairs . . .”  North Carolina statute provides that in a council-manager city, the council as a body appoints the City Manager to serve at its pleasure.  Thus by statute the City Council has the primary responsibility to establish the general framework under which the government can meet the needs of the community, and as the employer of the Manager, it is the body to which the Manager is directly responsible and accountable.

The Council members as elected leaders:

  • Create policy
  • Decide on organization of municipal government
  • May administer municipal affairs
  • Work with others in the community and in City government to define community goals and pursue the public good


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