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Category: Utilities

Why is my bill more than my neighbor's bill?

It's YOUR bill and it reflects the amount of service consumed by YOUR family in YOUR home. Your neighbor may have a completely different set of circumstances....different number of people living at home, different lifestyles, different size home with different amounts of insulation and different appliances. These and many other factors make a comparison with your neighbor less than meaningful. Some questions you might ask yourself are: Do I turn off lights when a room is not in use or do I leave them on? Does my TV set entertain the family or does it entertain an empty room? Do I leave the oven on "warm" for an extended period of time or do I cook many dishes at once then turn it off? When I take a bath, do I use hot water sparingly, or is the tub completely full of water? Do I take short showers, or do I stay in the shower until the hot water gets cold? Do I repair leaky faucets, or simply let them drip and waste hot water? Do I operate automatic washers and dishwashers with full load or just whenever it's convenient? (like one pair of jeans or just a half load of dishes) These few differences in lifestyles can reflect on the utility usage in your home.

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