Officer and Civilian of the Year

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Each year during our awards banquet, our department awards the Officer of the Year and Civilian of the Year award.  These awards are granted for,  "outstanding achievement that brings credit to the agency and which involves performance well above and beyond that which is required by the employee’s basic assignment."

During our awards banquet held in December 2016, the following employees were recognized as our Officer and Civilian of the Year for 2016



                    Chase McCraw                                               Melissa Loucks

          Officer of the Year—Bradley Chase McCraw                      Civilian of the Year—Melissa Loucks



Previous Award Recipients--


Officer of the Year- Mike Chapman                        Civilian of the Year- Amanda Walker


Officer of the Year- Matt Melvin                             Civilian of the Year- Christy Huggins


Officer of the Year- Gabe McKinney                        Civilian of the Year- Amy Fredell


Officer of the Year- Tim Brackeen                          Civilian of the Year- Stephanie Herndon


Officer of the Year- Chris Truett                             Civilian of the Year- Richard Thomas


Officer of the Year- Davey Crank                           Civilian of the Year- Richard Thomas


Officer of The Year- Mike Watson                          Civilian of The Year- Amy Todd


Officer of The Year- Larry Cox                              Civilian of The Year- Gloria Philbeck


Officer of The Year- Shannon Porter                      Civilian of The Year- Leslie Howell


Officer of The Year- Rafus Camp                           Civilian of The Year- Terry Grayson


Officer of the Year- John Hamrick                           Civilian of the Year- Christy Huggins