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2017 12U Softball

Thursday June 15th Tournament Championship
(Champion) Jammin J's 13 - S&M 1
Winning pitcher was Sayge Strange who had 9 strikeouts. Jourdan Martin had 3 hits to lead Jammin J's. Regan Bramblett  had 1 hit to lead S&M.

Wednesday June 14th Tournament
Jammin Js 11 - S&M Sports 1
Eliza Buff and Jaden Jingles both hit inside the park homerun, Sayge Strange got the win in the circle for Jammin Js. S&M Sports was led by Becca Champion with a hit.

S&M Sports 12 - Chens 1
Sydney Bridges led S&M with two hits and Addie Beaver was the winning pitcher. Jaycee Bivins scored the only run for Chens. 

Tuesday June 13th Tournament
Chens 16 - WOHS 15
Riley Parker and Jaycee Bivins both hit doubles to lead Chens to victory. Molly Beam hit a triple and Keneddy Brooks provided two singles for WOHS. 

Monday June 12th Tournament
Jammin Js 14 - WOHS 2
Sayge Strange got the win in the circle and Jourdan Martin and Eliza Buff led the team offensively. Savannah Center led WOHS.

S&M Sports 16 - Chens 10
Addie Beaver was the winning pitcher and Mackenzie Beam, Addie Beaver, and Becca Champion led the offensive for S&M. Chens was led by Jaycee Bivins and Riley Parker.

Thursday June 8th
Jammin J's 8 - S&M 3
Jaden Gingles led Jammin J's offensively with 3 hits. Addy Beaver led S&M offensively with 1 hit.

Chens 15 - WOHS 2
Emma Devine led Chens with 2 hits. Savannah Center led WOHS with 1 hit.

 Tuesday June 6th
S&M Sports 11 - Chens 6
Addy Beaver was the winning pitcher and led S&M offensively with 3 hits. Alexis Shope led Chens offensively with 2 hits.

Friday June 2nd
Chens 21 - WOHS 2
Jaycee Bivins led Chens offensively with 3 hits. Kennedy Brooks led WOHS offensively with 1 hit.

Thursday June 1st
Jammin J's 7 - Chens 3
Jammin J's was led offensively by Jourdan Martin (1 homerun and 1 hit) and Sayge Strange with 2 hits. Sayge Strange was the winning pitcher. Chens was led offensively by Jaycee Bivins and Aubrey Bumgardner with 1 hit each.

Wednesday May 31st
Chens 24 - WOHS 7
Riley Parker was the winning pitcher, Emma Devine reach base 4 time to lead Chens. Molly Beam and Savannah Center led WOHS with hit a piece. 

Tuesday May 30th
Jammin Js 6 - S&M Sports 1
Jammin Js was led offensively by Sayge Strange and Brycelyn Glover with 2 hits each. Sayge Strange was the winning pitcher for Jammin Js. Addy Beaver lead S&M with 1 hit.

Thursday May 25th
Jammin Js 16 - WOHS 4
Jammin Js was led offensively by Sayge Strange with 2 hits and 2 BB's. Taylor Black led WOHS with a 1 hit.

S&M Sports 9 - Chens 7
S&M was led offensively by Mara Pendleton with 3 hits and Jaien Ledbetter with 2 hits. Alexis Shope and Riley Parker each a hit for Chens.

Wednesday May 16th
S&M Sports 19 - WOHS 8
Winning Pitcher for S&M was Addie Beaver who also collected three hits to lead her team to victory. Molly Beam led WOHS with 2 hits.

Jammin Js 17 - Chens 3
Sayge Strange led her team with 3 hits including a homerun and also picked up the win in the circle for Jammin Js. Chens was led by Alexis Shope. 

Monday May 15th
Jammin Js 12 - WOHS 1
Sayge Strange was the winning pitcher, Eliza Buff and Jourdan Martin both had a hit for Jammin Js. Taylor Black led WOHS from the plate.

S&M Sports 14 - Chens 12
Addie Beaver was the winning pitcher. Jaien Ledbetter and Becca Champion each had a hit for S&M Sports. Alexis Shope had two hits to lead Chens. 

Wednesday May 10th
S&M Sports 11 - Chens 7
Addie Beaver got the win, while Jaien Ledbetter had 3 hits and Mara Pendleton had 2 hits. Chens was led by Riley Parker's three hits and Jacey Bivins' two hits.

Jammin J's 16 - WOHS 2
Sayge Strange was the winning pitcher and also provided two hits, Hunter Morgan had one hit for Jammin J's. Kensley Brooks led WOHS with a hit. 

Tuesday May 9th
Chens 12 - WOHS 4
Alexis Shoppe, Emma Devine, and Jayce Bivins and had a hit for Chens. Savannah Center led WOHS with a hit.

Jammin Js 11 - S&M Sports 2
Sayge Strange was the winning pitcher and led the offensive with 3 hits and Jaden Gingles, Brycelynn Glover, and Eliza Buff all had two hits. Jaylen Ledbetter collected a hit for S&M Sports.

Monday May 1st
Jammin Js 8 - Chens 4
Brycelynn Glover and Sayge Strange both had triples and Hannah Merritt provided a single. Sayge Strange was the winning pitcher for Jammin Js.

WOHS 11 - S&M Sports 2
Taylor Black provided 2 hits, and Mackenzi Luckenbaugh was the winging pitcher for WOHS. Jaylen Ledbetter and Becca Champion both had a hit for S&M Sports.

2017 12U Girl’s Fastpitch Schedule

Click Here For Printable Schedule

Monday, May 1ST                                                    Tuesday, May 30th   
         Arky Field                                                                Complex 1
6:00PM Jammin J’s vs Chen’s Chinese                  6:00PM S&M Sports vs Jammin J’s
7:30PM S&M Sports vs WOHS
                                                                               Wednesday, May 31st  
Thursday, May 4th                                                            Arky Field                                                                    
          Complex 1                                                    6:00PM Chen’s Chinese vs WOHS
6:00PM S&M Sports vs Chen’s Chinese
7:30PM WOHS vs Jammin J’s                                Thursday, June 1st 
                                                                                         Complex 1
Tuesday, May 9th                                                    6:00PM Chen’s Chinese vs Jammin J’s
          Complex 1                                                   
6:00PM Chen’s Chinese vs WOHS                          Monday, June 5th
7:30PM S&M Sports vs Jammin J’s                                 Arky Field
                                                                                6:00PM WOHS vs S&M Sports
Thursday, May 11th                                                       
           Arky Field                                                    Tuesday, June 6th                
6:00PM WOHS vs S&M Sports                                         Complex 1
7:30PM Chen’s Chinese vs Jammin J’s Pizza         6:00PM Chen’s Chinese vs S&M Sports

 Monday, May 15th                                                  Wednesday, June 7th 
            Complex 1                                                            
Arky Field
6:00PM Jammin J’s vs WOHS                                  6:00PM Jammin J’s vs WOHS
7:30PM Chen's vs S&M
Thursday, June 8th
Thursday, May 18th 
Complex 1
             Arky Field                                                 6:00PM Jammin J’s vs S&M Sports
6:00PM WOHS vs Chen’s Chinese                          7:30PM WOHS vs Chen’s Chinese
7:30PM Jammin J’s vs S&M Sports                                                                                            

Tuesday, May 23rd                                                     
               Complex 1 
6:00PM  S&M Sports vs WOHS             
7:30PM Jammin J’s vs Chen’s Chinese   

Thursday, May 25th 
6:00PM S&M Sports vs Chen’s Chinese  
7:30PM WOHS vs Jammin J’s                    



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