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2017 10u Girls Softball

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Tournament Friday June 16th
Hendricks 8 - S&M 6
Hendricks was led offensively by the winning pitcher Hadley Watts (6 K's) with a triple. S&M was led offensively by Maggie Earl and Kayla Haynes with 1 hit each.  

Tournament Thursday June 15th
Creekside 0 - Hendricks 10
Hadley Watts was the winning pitcher with 4 strikeouts with Abby Clary and Dekayla Davis both had homeruns to lead Hendricks. Aidan Ledbetter had a hit to lead Creekside.

Creekside 1 - S&M 5
Peyton Cook, Sydney Jones, and Leylah Haynes each had a homerun to lead S&M.  Sydnie Meeks had a homerun for Creekside.

Tournament Wednesday June 14th
Mockaitis Ortho 9 - Tuscanos 2
Emoni Hamilton hit a triple and Ella Shope was the winning pitcher with 5 strikeouts for Mockaitis. Addison Wease had a triple to lead Tuscaons.

S&M Sports 8 - Mockaitis Ortho 6
Laylah Haynes hit a walk off inside the park homerun, Haynes also singled and doubled to lead S&M Sports. Adrian Cook hit a homerun for Mockaitis. 

Tournament Tuesday June 13th
Creekside Clock 6 - S&M Sports Shop 4
Molly Carpenter was the winning pitcher with 5 strikeouts, Naomi Buccanan tripled and Avery Bridges double to lead the offensive for Creekside Clock. Laylah Haynes doubled and Maggie Earl provided two hits for S&M Sports Shop.

Hendricks Appliance 4 - Tuscanos Bistro 3
Hadley Watts got the win in the circle with 12 strikeouts, Esynce Howze had two hits including a homerun and Madison Emery had two doubles for Hendricks Appliance. Audrey Arrada and Rylee Summer both hit homeruns and Emma Scott tripled for Tuscanos. 

Tournament Monday June 12th
Creekside Clock 7 - Mockaitis Ortho 1
Molly Carpenter got the win in the circle with 10 strikeouts, Carpenter also hit a homerun and Aidan Ledbetter provided 3 hits for Creekside Clock. Mockaitis was led by Ella Shope's single and 2 strikeouts from the rubber. 

Friday June 9th
Creekside Clock 5 - Tuscanos 1
Molly Carpenter had 6 strikeouts, while Avery Bridges had 2 singles and 2 RBIs. Naomi Buchanan also doubled and brought in two run for Creekside. Sage McCurry had two hits and also had 6 strikeouts from the rubber.

S&M Sports 4 - Mockaitis Ortho 2
Maggie Earl got the win in the circle with 6 strikeouts. Laylah Haynes and Earl both doubled to lead S&M to victory. Mockaitis was led by Adrian Cook's homerun, and Ella Shope collected  two strikeouts from the rubber.


Thursday June 8th
Tuscanos 4 - Mockaitis 3
Sage McCurry was the winning pitcher and led Tuscanos with a double, while Rylee Summer and Emma Scott added 2 hits each. Kaylee Green led Mockaitis with 1 hit.

Hendricks 6 - S&M 3
Hadley Watts was the winning pitcher for Hendricks. Abby Clary led Hendricks offensively with a homerun.  Maggie Earl led S&M offensively with a triple.

Wednesday June 7th
Hendricks Appliance 8 - Creekside Clock 2
Enynce Howze hit a homerun and Nevaeh Blackwell had a single with two RBIs, Hadley Watts was the winning pitcher. Macie Styers had a single with two RBIs and Aiden Ledbetter had 5 stikeouts.

S&M Sports 6 - Tuscanos 0
Maggie Earl was the winning pitcher with 5 strikeouts and Maggie Alexander, Chole Hull, and Sage Scott all singled for S&M Sports. Resse Gettys and Rylee Summer both had hits for Tuscanos. 

Friday June 2nd
S&M Sports 4 - Hendricks Appliance 2
Maggie Earl was the winning pitcher with 14 strikeouts. Peyton Cook and Maggie Alexander led S&M offensively with 1 hit a piece. Madison Emory led Hendricks offensively with 2 hits and 1 RBI.

Wednesday May 31st
Hendricks Appliance 5 - Mockaitis Ortho 2
Hadley Watts was the winning pitch with 5 strikeouts, Essence Howze provided 2 hits and 2 RBIs to lead Hendricks Appliance to victory. Kaylee Greene had a single and a RBI for Moackaitis Ortho.

Tuesday May 30th
S&M Sports 4 - Tuscanos Bistro 1
Maggie Earl was the winning pitcher for S&M while also having 2 hits in the game. Sydney Jones recorded a triple for S&M as well. Sage McCurry led Tuscanos Bistro offensive with 2 hits including a homerun and a double.

Thursday May 25th
Creekside Clock 2 - Mockaitis Ortho 1
Natalie Whetstine led Creekside with a double and 2 RBI's. Aidan Ledbetter was the winning pitcher with 6 K's. Mockaitis was led offensively by Alexis Beaver with 1 hit.

Hendricks Appliance 10 - Tuscanos Bistro 2
Hadley Watts was the winning pitcher for Hendricks Appliance while also leading the team offensively with 2 hits and 2 RBI's. Sage McCurry led Tuscanos with 2 hits, one being a 2-run homerun. 

Thursday May 18th
Mockaitis Ortho 12 - Tuscanos Bistro 3
Kaylee Greene was the winning pitcher with 7 strikeouts. Alexis Beaver led the team offensively with 2 homeruns and 2 RBI's. Adrian Cook provided a homerun and 1 RBI for Mockaitis. Sage McCurry had 2 hits and 1 RBI.

S&M Sports 7 - Creekside Clock 2
Maggie Earl was the winning pitcher with 4 strikeouts, while also providing some offense with a homerun. Peyton Cook had 2 homeruns and 2 RBI's for S&M. Molly Carpenter hit a homerun for Creekside.

Tuesday May 16th
Creekside Clock 4 - Mockaitis Ortho 2
Aiden Ledbetter was the winning pitcher with 11 strikeouts, Molly Carpenter provided the offense with two hits for Creekside Clock. Alexis Beaver led Mockaitis Ortho with a homerun.

Hendricks Appliance 18 - Tuscanos Bistro 0
Essence Howze and Blair Powell both had homeruns and Jmya Ross had 2 singles and 2 RBIs. Breyona Johnson led Tuscanos Bistro from the rubber. 

Monday May 15h
S&M Sports 4 - Hendricks Applanice 1
Winning Pitcher was Maggie Earl with 12 strikeouts. Laylah Haynes and Sydney Jones both hit homeruns for S&M Sports. Hadley Watts and Esynce Howze both had a hit, Watts also had 7 strikeouts for Hendricks Appliance.

Creekside Clock 8 - Tuscanos Bistro 0
Aiden Ledbetter had 5 strikeouts for Creekside Clock, Ledbetter also hit a homerun and a triple. Breyona Johnson led Tuscanos Bistro from the rubber. 

Friday May 12th
Hendricks Appliance 9 - Mockaitis Ortho 4
Winning pitcher was Hadley Watts she also provided 2 RBIs and a homerun. Logan Potter had two hits to help Hendricks Appliance to victory. Alexis Mosteller and Morgan Blanton both hit homeruns for Mockaitis Ortho.

S&M Sports 7 - Creekside Clock 3
Maggie Earl had 8 strikeouts to get the win, Earl and Peyton Cook both hit homeruns for S&M Sports. Aiden Ledbetter collect 6 strikeouts and had a single, Molly Carpenter also hit a single and a homerun for Creekside Clock.

Wednesday May 10th
Hendricks Appliance 9 - Creekside Clock 3
Hadley Watts was the winning pitcher and collected 9 strikeouts, Dekayla Davis hit a homerun for Hendricks Appliance. Molly Carpenter and Avery Bridges both hit triples for Creekside Clock.

Mockaitis Ortho 2 - S&M Sports 1
Winning pitcher was Kaylee Greene with two strikeouts, Morgan Blanton hit a double for Mockaitis Ortho. Maggie Earl had 10 strikeouts for S&M Sports.  

Monday May 8th
Creekside Clock 3 - Mockaitis Ortho 2
Molly Carpenter stuck out 7 and collected 3 hits to lead Creekside Clock to victory. Mockaitis was led by Ella Shope's 11 strikeouts and Alexis Mostellers homerun.

Hendricks Appliance 9 - Tuscanos Bistro 3
Hadley Watts had 6 strikeouts and 2 hits for Hendricks Appliance. Reese Gettys collected 2 hits for Tuscanos Bistro.

Friday May 5th
Mockaitis Ortho 5 - Tuscanos Bistro 4
Alexis Mosteller had two hits including a homerun, while Ella Shope, Kaylee Greene, and Abby Grier all had two hit for Mockaitis Ortho. Rylee Summer led Tuscanos Bistro with 2 hits.

S&M Sports 6 - Creekside Clock 3
Laylah Haynes hit a homerun to lead S&M Sports to victory. Naomi Buchanan hit 2 homeruns for Creekside Clock.

Tuesday May 2nd
Hendricks Appliance 6 – Creekside Clock 4
Nevaeh Blackwell hit a homerun and Esynce Howze added two hits and two RBIs for Hendricks Appliance. Aiden Ledbetter led Creekside Clock with 8 strikeouts, while Avery Bridges added a single.

S&M Sports 2 – Mockaitis Ortho 1
Laylah Haynes collected 12 strikeouts and provided a hit. Peyton Cook and Maggie Earl both had singles for S&M Sports. Ella Shope’s 7 strikeouts and Morgan Blanton’s triple led Mockaitis Ortho.  

Monday May 1st
S&M Sports 7 - Toscanos 2
Maggie Earl had 5 strikeouts, Peyton Cook had a triple and 3 RBIs for S&M sports. Addison hit a 2 run home run.

Hendricks Appliance 6 - Mockaitis Ortho 2
Hadley Watts struck out 5, While Kaidence miller hit a homerun and Madison Robbins and Blair Powell each a hit and a RBI. Ella Shope had 3 strikeouts, Adrian cook had an RBI for Mockaitis Ortho.


Click Here For Printable Schedule 

Monday, May 1st                                                          Tuesday, May 23rd                                                  
             Complex 1                                                                     Bill Proctor Field
6:00PM S&M Sports vs Toscanos Bistro                     6:00PM S&M Sports vs Creekside Clock
7:30PM Mockaitis Ortho. vs Creekside Clock             7:30PM Hendricks Appliance vs Toscanos Bistro

Tuesday, May 2nd                                                         Thursday, May 25th 
                Arky Field                                                                   Arky Field
6:00PM Hendrick Appliance vs Creekside Clock        6:00PM Hendricks Appliance vs Mockaitis Ortho.
7:30PM S&M Sports vs Mockaitis Orthodontics         7:30PM Toscanos Bistro vs Creekside Clock

Friday, May 5th                                                             Tuesday, May 30th 
               Arky Field                                                                     Arky Field
6:00PM Toscanos Bistro vs Mockaitis Orthodontics   6:00PM S&M Sports vs Toscanos Bistro
7:30PM Hendrick Appliance vs S&M Sports
                                                                                      Wednesday, May 31st
Monday, May 8th                                                                          Optimist
                Arky Field                                                      6:00PM Mikaitis Ortho. vs Creekside Clock
6:30PM Toscanos Bistro vs Hendrick Appliance      
8:00PM Creekside Clock vs S&M Sports                       Friday, June 2nd 
                                                                                                     Arky Field
Wednesday, May 10th                                                    6:00PM Hendricks Appliance vs S&M Sports
                Arky Field
6:00PM Mockaitis Ortho.  vs Hendrick Appliance         Monday, June 5th
7:30PM Creekside Clock vs Toscanos Bistro                              Optimist
                                                                                       6:00PM Toscanos Bistro vs Mikaitis Ortho
Friday, May 12th
                Arky Field                                                      Tuesday, June 6th  
6:30PM Toscanos Bistro vs S&M Sports                                     Arky Field 
8:00PM Creekside Clock vs Mockaitis Ortho.               6:00PM S&M Sports vs Mikaitis Orthodontis

 Monday, May 15th                                                         Thursday, June 8th 
                Arky Field                                                                     Arky Field                 
6:00PM  Mockaitis Ortho.vs S&M Sports                      6:30PM Creekside Clock vs S&M Sports
7:30PM Creekside Clock. vs Hendrick Appliance         8:00PM Toscanos Bistro vs Hendricks Appliance

 Tuesday, May 16th                                                        Friday, June 9th  
               Arky Field                                                                     Arky Field
6:00PM S&M Sports vs Hendrick Appliance                 6:30PM Creekside Clock. vs Toscanos Bistro
7:30PM Mockaitis Orthodontics vs Toscanos Bistro    8:00PM Mikaitis Ortho.  vs Hendricks Appliance

Tuesday, May 30th                                                         Monday, June 12th   
                Arky Field                                                                    Arky Field
6:30PM Hendricks Appliance vs Toxcanos Bistro        6:00PM Hendriks Appliance vs Creekside Clock