Flag Football Midgets (9-12)

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2019 Midgets (9-12) Flag Football


Thursday March 21st
Panthers 38 - Vikings 27
Kamden Ussery scored 3 touchdowns, Noah Gartner ran two touchdowns and Aaron Bess scored a touchdown for the Panthers. Ben Spurling scored 3 touchdowns and Brayden Elkins and found the end zone for the Vikings.

Monday March 18th
Vikings 22 - Cowboys 19
Ben Spurling scored two touchdown and an extra points, Sam Spurling scored a touchdown and Synsir Pettis scored two extra points for the Vikings. The Cowboys were led by Leronzo Johnsons two touchdowns and Andress Hopper's touchdown, Jaysan Maybin scored an extra point.


Team W
1 0
Cowboys 0 1