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2017 Midget Basketball Schedule

Monday January 9th Games have been Cancelled.
Wednesday 6:00pm Shelby Hardware vs. S&M Sports
Wednesday 7:00pm FOP vs. Norris Merchandise



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Home Team On Left
Thursday, January 5th – Tip Off
                                                    Wednesday, February 8th  
6:00PM FOP vs Shelby Hardware                                                6:00PM Shelby Hardware vs FOP
7:00PM S&M Sports Shop vs Norris Merchandise                   7:00PM Norris Merchandise vs S&M Sports Shop

***Wednesday, January 11th***                                                               Monday, February 13th  
6:00PM Shelby Hardware vs. S&M Sports                                     6:30PM S&M Sports Shop vs FOP
7:00PM FOP vs. Norris Merchandise                                            7:30PM Norris Merchandise vs Shelby Hardware

***Monday, January 16th****                                                               Thursday, February 16th                                  6:00PM Norris Merchandise vs S&M Sports Shop                    6:30PM 1st Place vs 4th Place
7:00PM Shelby Hardware vs FOP                                                  7:30PM 2nd Place vs 3rd Place

Thursday, January 19th                                                                    Monday, February 20th
6:30PM Norris Merchandise vs Shelby Hardware                     6:30PM Consolation
7:30PM S&M Sports Shop vs FOP                                                 7:30PM CHAMPIONSHIP

Monday, January 23rd                                                                     Tuesday, February 22nd  
6:30PM S&M Sports Shop vs Shelby Hardware                        6:30PM Hot Shot/Free Throw Contest
7:30PM FOP vs Norris Merchandise                        
Wednesday, January 25th   
6:00PM Norris Merchandise vs FOP                                           
7:00PM Shelby Hardware vs S&M Sports Shop

Monday, January 30th  
6:30PM FOP vs Shelby Hardware
7:30PM S&M Sports Shop vs Norris Merchandise

Thursday, February 2nd  
6:30PM FOP vs S&M Sports Shop
7:30PM Shelby Hardware vs Norris Merchandise

Monday, February 6th   
6:30PM S&M Sports Shop vs Shelby Hardware
7:30PM FOP vs Norris Merchandise



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