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Midget League Basketball


Sunday February 26th ALL-STARS
Alexander County White 30 - Shelby 20
Shelby's Andrew Parsons and M.J. Darby each scored 6 points and Nijahuan Cunningham added three points.


Saturday February 25th ALL-STARS
Alexander County Blue 52 - Shelby 17
Shelby was led by Nijahuan Cunningham with six points. Shelby will go back to East Alexander Middle School tomorrow Sunday February 26th for a game at 3:30. 


Congratulations to FOP for winning the championship!


Front Row: Keion Wray, Eli Patterson, Noah Patty

Second Row: Coach Derrick Webb, Hunter Smith, CJ Whitener, Joseph Webb and Coach Chad Davis


Monday February 20th 
Norris Merchandise 36 - Shelby Hardware 15
A.J. Walker scored a game high 25 points to help Norris Merchandise get the victory. Robert Jackson scored three point for Shelby Hardware. 

FOP 29 - S&M Sports 18 Championship Game
Joseph Webb scored 8 of his 11 points in the fourth quarter and Keion Wray chipped in with eight to lead FOP. M.J. Darby reached double figures with eleven for S&M Sports.

Thursday February 16th
FOP 34 - Shelby Hardware 7
Joseph Webb led FOP with 14 points and Keion Wray added 12. Andrew Parsons scored 5 points for Shelby Hardware.

S&M Sports 19 - Norris Merchandise 18
M.J. Darby scored 9 points and Jeremiah Jones chipped in with 6 to lead S&M Sports to victory. Norris Merchandise was led by Kane Glover's seven points.

Monday February 13th
FOP 32 - S&M Sports 14

Hunter Davis led all scorers with ten points and Keion Wray chipped in eight points for FOP. M.J. Darby led S&M Sports with nine points.

Norris Merchandise 12 - Shelby Hardware 8
Nijahuan Cunningham and Kane Glover each scored 6 points for the victors. Andrew Parsons scored all eight of his teams points.

Wednesday February 8th
FOP 31 - Shelby Hardware 20
Keion Wray paced FOP with 12 points and Hunter Davis scored eight points. Andrew Parsons led Shelby Hardware with 18 points.

S&M Sports 24 - Norris Merchandise 21
M.J. Darby scored nine points, Ja'Niyah McClunney and Ezekiel Buchanan each added four points to lead S&M Sports to victory. Nijahuan Cunningham scored nine points and Kane Glover added eight points for Norris Merchandise. 

Monday February 6th
S&M Sports 22 - Shelby Hardware 18

Jeremiah Jones led S&M Sports with 13 points. Andrew Parsons scored ten for Shelby Hardware.

FOP 31 - Norris Merchandise 10
FOP was led by Keion Wray's nine points, Hunter Davis and Joseph Webb each added eight points. C.J. Walker scored six points for Norris Merchandise. 

Thursday February 2nd
FOP 33 - S&M Sports 18
Hunter Davis led the way for FOP with 13 points and Joseph Webb added ten points. M.J. Darby scored 8 points for S&M Sports.

Norris Merchandise 26 - Shelby Hardware 25 OT
Kane Glover and Nijahuan Cunningham both score nine points each, Cunningham's layup as time expired gave Norris Merchandise the victory. Andrew Parson scored a game high fourteen points and hit a free throw with one second left to send the game in to overtime.

Monday January 31st
FOP 34 - Shelby Hardware 22

Joseph Webb scored a game high 17 points, while Hunter Davis chipped in thirteen points for FOP. Shelby Hardware was led by Andrew Parsons' 13 points.

S&M Sports 21 - Norris Merchandise 12
M.J. Darby scored 9 points, and Ezekiel Buchanan added six for S&M Sports. Nijahuan Cunningham scored six points for Norris Merchandise.

Wednesday January 25th
FOP 26 - Norris Merchandise 23 OT
Joseph Webb led FOP with 12 points, and C.J. Whitener scored six points. Nijahuan Cunningham scored 8 points, and A.J. Walker scored seven for Norris Merchandise.

Shelby Hardware 17 - S&M Sports 10
Andrew Parsons paced Shelby Hardware with 9 points. Beau Scharer scored 4 points to lead S&M Sports.

Monday January 23rd
S&M Sports 23 - Shelby Hardware 15

M.J. Darby led S&M Sports with nine points, and Beau Scharer, Ezekiel Buchanan, and Ja'Niyah McCluney added four points a piece. Andrew Parson led the way for Shelby Hardware with seven points.

FOP 22 - Norris Merchandise 11
Noah Patty scored 6 points for FOP. A.J. Walker scored 5 points for Norris Merchandise.

Thursday January 19th
Norris Merchandise 39 - Shelby Hardware 11

A.J. Walker scored a game high 17 points, and Nijuhan Cunningham added 14 for the victors. David Johnson and Robert Jackson scored four points each for Shelby Hardware.

FOP 31 - S&M Sports 17
Hunter Davis led FOP with 18 points, and C.J. Whitener scored six points. S&M Sports was led by M.J. Darbys seven points.

Monday January 16th
Norris Merchandise 25 - S&M Sports 20

A.J. Walker scored 12 points, and Nijahuan Cunningham scored ten points for Norris Merchandise. M.J. Darby led S&M Sports with 10.

FOP 41 - Shelby Hardware 20
Joseph Webb paced FOP with 20 points, Hunter Davis added six points. Shelby Hardware's Andrew Parson scored 16 points.

Wednesday January 11th Tip Off Games
Shelby Hardware 27 - S&M Sports 21

Andrew Parsons led all scorers with 25 points for Shelby Hardware. M.J. Darby led S&M Sports with 10, and Ezekeiel Buchanan added seven.

Championship Game
FOP 36 - Norris Merchandise 11

Hunter Davis paced FOP with 16, while Joseph Webb added ten. A.J. Walker led Norris Merchandise with five, and Takyra Bostic scored four points.

Thursday January 5th Tip Off Games
FOP 36 - Shelby Hardware 10
FOP had three players Joseph Webb, Keion Wray, and Hunter Davis score 10 points each for the victors. David Johnson paced Shelby Hardware with 10 points.

Norris Merchandise 34 - S&M Sports 9
Nijahuan Cunningham led all scorers with 19, and C.J. Walker added 9 of his on own for Norris Merchandise. Beau Scharer had five points for S&M Sports.


FOP 9-0
S&M Sports 4-5
Norris Merchandise 4-5
Shelby Hardware 1-8







Congratulations to our 2016 Midget League Champions!