Volunteer Background Screening Policy

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Why should my Church, Youth Sports Organization, School or Non-Profit organization perform background checks on volunteers?

In today’s society we would like to believe that every volunteer has the right intentions. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In recent times we have seen numerous high profile cases involving coaches, church leaders, teachers and many others sexually abuse the most pure and vulnerable…Our Children!

When these events occur, two of the most common questions that are often asked are:

  1. Could these events have been prevented if the organization that hired these individuals performed detailed background checks?
  2. Was the organization negligible in their hiring practices because they failed to properly screen their volunteer/employee?

SSCI provides the most comprehensive volunteer background checks in the industry. We never rely solely on “National Database” searches to complete an investigation. Our investigators follow a workflow consisting of up to 11 steps that includes Local County Courthouse Searches.



For any questions concerning our screening practices please contact David Fisher at (704) 484-6811.