GPSThe City of Shelby Geographic Information System (GIS) office is responsible for the collection, maintenance, and analysis of all spatially related assets within the City’s jurisdiction.  The GIS office is also responsible for all Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping within the City.

GIS is a computer-based data analysis application that displays tabular and other types of information on a map. GIS is a valuable tool that allows City staff, elected officials, and the general public to view data on a map that would otherwise not be available. 

A few examples of how GIS is used in the City of Shelby are:

  • Mapping and analyzing crime statistics and locations
  • Monitoring and displaying utility outages and affected areas
  • Identifying land use patterns and growth trends 


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For more information, contact:

Eric Snyder, GIS Coordinator
Melvin Durham, GIS/GPS Technician
Lisa Howell, GIS/GPS Technician


George W. Clay, Jr. Utility Operations Center

824 W Grover Street, Shelby, NC 28150

(PO Box 207, Shelby, NC 28151-0207)

Phone: 704-484-6840 * Fax: 704-484-6808

Office Hours: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm Monday - Friday


Before construction, excavation or digging is done on your premises, call 811 to have underground utility owned lines located and marked.