Signs and Traffic

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Public Works: street maintenance: Signs and Traffic

The Parking and Traffic Division's goal is to insure the safe, convenient, and efficient movement and parking of traffic. The division installs and maintains traffic control devices, street name signs, and pavement markings in accordance with standard traffic safety practices and policies. The division also properly maintains city parking lots and public vehicular areas, and responds to citizen inquiries and concerns as needed while improving community appearance.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a missing or damaged sign?
Call the Administrations Office at 704-484-6846 or Customer Services at 704-484-6866.

Why is traffic signs replaced when they look OK?
Replacing traffic signs stolen or vandalized costs $ 120.00 per sign to replace. All signs are routinely replaced as they become faded and lose their reflectivity. They may look OK in the daytime but at night they are not as bright as required and hard to see. Safety of the traveling public is very important at night.

Can I get “Children Playing” signs installed on my street?
The city does not install these types of signs. The streets are for the movement of traffic and the city does not endorse the use of the streets for play areas.

Who do I call about bushes blocking the visibility at an intersection?
Sight distance complaints may be made by calling the Administrations Office at 704-484-6846.

How do I know the speed limits? Several streets have no signs.
In North Carolina and the City of Shelby the speed limit on the open highway is 55 MPH and on residential streets 35 MPH unless a sign is posted showing a different limit. Several residential areas in Shelby are 25 MPH and there are many major streets that are 45 MPH and these limits are posted on signs. When traveling stay alert.

How do I report a burned out or mal-functioning traffic signals?
Traffic signals in the City of Shelby may be maintained by either NCDOT or the City. Please call the Administrations Office at 704-484-6846 or Customer Services at 704-484-6866 to report these problems.