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Public Works : Solid waste department: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the City pick up Christmas Trees

Yes, Please remove all lights, ornaments, tinsel, and stands before placing your tree at the curbside.  No artificial trees, please.

What is my garbage/recycling pickup day?

Please review the Sanitation Departement, Info webpage for a color coded, legand map or call 704-484-6846 or  search for your Garbage & Recycling collection day click on the Interactive Map link.

(To navigate the interactive map, please click on the blue ? HELP button on the top right corner on the interactive map)

Click Here for Interactive Map


Missed pickup - what do I do?
Occasionally a container may be missed or dispatched to the main office of why we were unable to service your container. Please call 704-484-6846 for a possible dispatched record, if no explanation has been recorded, your container will be serviced as soon as possible, usually by the end of the next business day.

I am physically unable to take my containers to the curb. What do I do?
Backyard service is provided to qualified disabled and elderly customers when there is no one in the home physically able to place the items curbside. Please call 704-484-6846 for further information.

Where should I place my containers?
Brown roll-out containers must be placed just behind the curb with the handles facing the house. They should be at least three feet away from mailboxes, signs, utility poles and other obstructions. Please do not place containers under trees or near parked vehicles, as the truck may not be able to service your container.

When should I put out my containers?
Containers must be placed at the curb before 7:30 a.m. on collection day (and may be set out the night before). Please remove container from the curbside by 10:00 p.m. the day of collection.

What do I do if my container is stolen?
If it is stolen while out on your collection day, your container will be replaced at no cost to you.  If, the container is stolen from your residence at a time other than when it should normally be out, you will be required to file a police report of the stolen container, and will be responsible to pay for a replacement (that cost is $70.) If the occupant moves, the container is issued to the address with a serial ID number and should be left for the next occupants use.

How often does the City pick up leaves?

Leaves, limbs, and grass are picked up on routine cycle. Usually the routine is weekly.  However during heavy season's the routine could take up to three weeks to complete.
Leaves and grass should be raked into two separate piles and left loosely on the curbside. Please do not bag your leaves or grass clippings.  When utilizing the area between the roadway and sidewalk, the sidewalk should not be covered at anytime.


What do I do with building materials?
City crews do not pick up construction debris; residents and/or their contractor are responsible for hauling and disposing of this material. Construction and demolition debris is accepted at the Cleveland County Landfill. Call 704-480-5508 for further information.

How do I report nuisances like abandoned vehicles, overgrown lots and dilapidated housing, or pest problems with rodents and snakes?
Concerns such as abandoned vehicles, overgrown lots, dilapidated housing, and problems relating to pests are not a part of solid waste collection and disposal.  These issues are addressed by the City of Shelby's Building/Planning Department at 704-484-6829.

How do I report abandoned vehicles?

Contact City of Shelby's Building Inspection Department at 704-484-6805.

My container is broken. What do I do?
From time to time maintenance is required on containers. Please call 704-484-6846 to request a repair. If the container is beyond repair due to normal wear and tear, or was damaged while being serviced, it will be repaired or replaced.  Containers damaged as a result of vandalism or abuse must be replaced at the resident’s expense.

Is there a charge for collection?

All residential households are charged a monthly fee of $6.70 per month on their utility bill for services. These services include: household garbage, compost, and bulky item collection (furniture, limbs, grass, leaves, etc.).

I will be moving to Shelby soon, how do I get service?
If there are no roll-out and recycling bins at your home, please contact 704-484-6846 to request containers. A work order for a can delivery and an information packet regarding your collection instructions will be delivered within the next business day.

I will be moving soon. What do I do with my containers?
City issued containers are the property of the City of Shelby. Please leave them in the rear yard of your residence when you move.

I live in an apartment complex. Can I recycle, and if so, when? 
Yes! Recycling is available to Shelby residents, please visit Cleveland County’s Recycling Center (click here) or call 704-480-5516 for more information